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Giants Legend Lawrence Taylor Arrested

May 6, 2010

Innocent til' proven're still my favorite Giant LT

Giant legend Lawrence Taylor was arrested this morning in upstate New York for an alleged rape WABC news is reporting. The details about the incident are currently a bit sketchy. The chief of police in Ramapo, where the incident supposedly took place has declined to confirm the report. Police did say that a news conference at 3PM today will shed light on the situation.

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Same Old Jets? Prove me wrong

January 27, 2010


Can Sanchez change the Jets culture?

It’s all settled in, the pain has subsided and I can now assess the New York Jets with an objective eye. So I’ll prepare myself for a punch in the face from Rex Ryan.

Same Old Jets. 

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The top 10 athletes of the 2000’s….No. 6

December 16, 2009

Every day a star is born

With the decade coming to a close, this quarterback has thrown for over 40,000 yards, over 300 TD’s, and has led his team to 114 wins, not including the playoffs.  Furthermore, he holds the third-highest career passer rating among active quarterbacks, and his 95.1 rating puts him fourth all-time behind only Steve Young, Phillip Rivers, and Tony Romo. The number 6 athlete is immersed in day-to-day disputes over not only being the best QB of this generation, but gets his share of votes for being the best of all time. 

The number 6 athlete after the jump!

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Turkey Day Crystal Ball

November 25, 2009


Looking for some inside information for betting tomorrow’s Thanksgiving football games? Yahoo! certainly has a tip for you. Based on their Week 12 NFL Scoreboard, the Packers will already have beaten the Lions 26-0. So, feel free laying the 11 points on the road because Green Bay will has already covered the spread with ease. NFL coaches always say how tough it is to win in this league, but the Pack have found a way to win without even playing. Thanks, Yahoo! sports.


This weekend in the wild world of sports…

November 21, 2009
NFL, NHL,College Football,Hocks, UFC!…what do I watch!…jdizzle will tell you


12:00 pm Michigan vs. Ohio St.—Yes, this game does not have the hype surrounding it as it once had, but it is still once of college’s greatest rivalry’s and if Rich Rodriguez is to stay in Ann Arbor he knows what he has to do today:  Not only win, but win convincingly.

1:00 pm Knicks vs. Nets—Hey, somebody’s gotta win.  Knicks and Nets don’t deserve high fives…

7:00 pm Panthers vs. Rangers- Rangers had a tough week of practice.  Henrik Lundqvist and Gaborik can not do it by themselves.  The Rangers will need help from Kotalik, Del Zotto, and the Captain Chris Drury who returns after suffering a concussion on November 7th.  Dubinsky will be out, so someone is going to have to help Gaborik out offensively otherwise the Rangers could start sliding quick.   

7:30 pm –  Cal vs. Stanford- Stanford over the last two weeks have put up ridiculous offensive numbers against  USC and Oregon, two of the best teams in the conference.   With a win against 25th ranked Cal and losses by Oregon, Oregon St, and Arizona in the remaining games can give the Cardinals a Rose bowl birth.  Gotta root for the geeks, sorry folks.

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“What you are seeing is a genius at work”

November 16, 2009

“…which to me isn’t work, so it’s easy to misinterpret it at first.”

Couldn’t have said it any better than Eminem…..

The much talked about Pats-Colts game from last night all stemmed down to one decision late in the 4th quarter by hated but admired Bill Belichick.

With the Patriots up 6 points, with the ball, on their own 28 yard line, with just over 2 minutes to play, New England was faced with a 4th and 2.  Common sense dictated that Belichick would elect to punt.  Nevertheless, the Patriots defied convention, choosing to leave the game in the hands of one of the sports most prolific Quarterbacks.

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Gus Johnson Apologizes for Comment

November 4, 2009
gus johnson n pat

Work for the Knicks?? hahahahaha!

Gus Johnson for those who are not familiar is a play by play sportscaster for CBS Sports, Showtime, The MSG Network, The Big Ten Network and Strikeforce mixed martial arts. He is well known for his loud screaming during March Madness and T.O.N.Y Sports loves him including myself!

Gus recently apologized for making a controversial comment about Titans running back Chris Johnson this past Sunday as he broke for a 52 yard TD run.

“He’s got getting away from the cops speed!!” Gus excitedly yelled while making the call for the Titans Jaguars game on CBS.  Gus who is of African American descent gave this statement to USA Today yesterday:

“If there is a perception of  racism in this analogy, it is not coming from me. People of all races have run from the law. However to those offended , I apologize.”

The apology is more than likely coming off the heels of Bob Griese’s recent suspension by ESPN when he had the following to say about race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya,

“he’s out having a taco”

WOW, that was pretty ignorant on Bob’s part being that Juan is Colombian and not Mexican but Gus, I’m not mad at you and neither is anyone from T.O.N.Y Sports homie, keep yelling at those games and tell MSG that you need to replace Mike Breen for all home Knick games!


Dirty Ketchup

November 4, 2009
Hines Ward

He works in the Dirt but plays in the Sky

According to a Sports Illustrated poll of 296 NFL players, Hines Ward is the dirtiest player in the league today. Chinedum Ndukwe of the Bengals said that Ward is a “blind side guy”

Go figure that 2 defending Superbowl Champs made the list.

Top 10 below:

1. Hines Ward- Steelers

2. Alvin Haynesworth- Redskins

3. Joey Porter- Dolphins

4. Roy Wiliams- Bengals

5. Kevin Mawae- Titans

6. Cortland Finnegan- Titans

7. Richie Incognito- Rams

8. Harvey Dahl- Falcons

9. Troy Polamalu- Steelers

10. Jared Allen- Vikings

Ray Lewis, Bart Scott and Shawn Merriman made the honorable mention list.