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The top 10 athletes of the 2000’s….No. 6

December 16, 2009

Every day a star is born

With the decade coming to a close, this quarterback has thrown for over 40,000 yards, over 300 TD’s, and has led his team to 114 wins, not including the playoffs.  Furthermore, he holds the third-highest career passer rating among active quarterbacks, and his 95.1 rating puts him fourth all-time behind only Steve Young, Phillip Rivers, and Tony Romo. The number 6 athlete is immersed in day-to-day disputes over not only being the best QB of this generation, but gets his share of votes for being the best of all time. 

The number 6 athlete after the jump!

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The top 10 athletes of the 2000’s…..No. 8

December 14, 2009

No stranger to Homerun Derby's

The past decade in baseball will be refered to by most as the “steroids era,”  as there were few star players who excelled in the 2000’s without being linked to HGH and/or other performance enhancing drugs.  Nonetheless, the number 8 athlete is considered one of the greatest players ever, without the aid of steroids.   Likewise, this athlete ranks within the top 15 players in major league history in on-base percentage (twelfth), slugging percentage (fourth), on-base plus slugging (OPS; fourth), and adjusted OPS (tied for sixth) before the age of 30. 

The number 8 athlete after the jump!

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The top 10 athletes of the 2000’s….No. 9

December 11, 2009

The Demon inside

While flash and gaudy stats have dominated the NBA this decade, one player dominated the sport without the showmanship of a Lebron James or Allen Iverson.  Despite being a quiet player off the court, this man has made plenty of noise with two MVP’s, three NBA finals MVP’s and three championships in the 2000’s.  Furthermore, he has been elected to the All-Star team every season, and was also named to the All-NBA team in each year of this decade. 

Number 9 athlete after the jump

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Godzilla Goes In!!!!!

November 5, 2009
mlb_g_matsui_300 A Thrilla By Godzilla!

If this was the last game for Hideki Matsui in Pinstripes, then the Sayonara Kid went out with a bang!  Matsui was locked in last night, owning Pedro Martinez all over the plate.  He started with a 2-run second-deck bomb to put the Yankees ahead 2-0 in the 2nd.   In the 3rd inning it was the same, as Matsui slipped behind 0-2, he bounces back with a 2-run rope to centerfield making it a 4-1 Yankee lead.

And that was that for Peter Martinez, who came into the game immediately throwing junk and looking vulnerable.  Charlie Manuel thought he could cool the flame by inserting the left handed J.A Happ to counter Matsui.  But it didn’t matter. Matsui crushed a 1-and-1 pitch into the right-center gap for a 2-run double that gave the Yankees a 7-1 lead, put the stamp on the MVP, and ultimately the World Series.


Sayonara Kid

Matsui became the first full-time DH to win the MVP.  Considering he didn’t even start Game 3-5 in Philly, that is remarkable.  After last night’s thriller, Matsui finished with a playoff resume of .314 avg., 10 HR’s and 39 RBI’s.


My best memories of Matsui were his debut grand slam off the Twins in 2003.  His hit off of Pedro in the 2003 ALCS to start the unbelievable rally.  And now a 6-RBI World Series performance for the ages.


If this was indeed his last game as a Yankee, then all we as fans can say is thank you.  He has cemented his legacy and earned a well deserved championship ring.