Bench Woes

May 5, 2010

The Mets bench is usually solid...this year..not so much

The Mets bench since their 2006 NL championship game appearance has always contributed to winning in Flushing. Whether it was a spectacular defensive play by Endy Chavez or a clutch hit from journeyman Marlon Anderson, the bench always found a way to make it through.

During the off-season Omar Minaya signed an aging Gary Matthews Jr. who has no home runs or RBI’s, and is hitting for a .132 average thus far for the Metropolitans. He has been awful during his few spot  starts and occasional pinch-hitting appearances. He has been dissapointing to say the least while prospect Fernando Martinez is playing in AAA.

Alex Cora who brings solid leadership and a  veteran presence in the locker room is just as bad. He spells both Jose Reyes and Luis Castillo from time to time since he can play both the short stop and 2nd base position. He is however a defensive liability with his limited range and his bat has yet to warrant more playing time with a measly .162 batting average.

Henry Blanco is only hitting .227 but he’s been doing what he was signed to do,  handling the pitching staff and playing tough defense. Alongside every day catcher Rod Barajas, the catching tandem has done extremely well.

Fernando Tatis is good for a ocassional homer here and there but he can no way be relied upon to anchor the Mets bench. Frank Catalonotto showed some life during the pre-season but his bat has been dead during his plate appearances from the start and may be sent down to the minors sooner than later.

The good news is that Daniel Murphy should be returning before all-star break and he has shown the ability to drive the ball with power, he will also be a decent 1st base replacement for days Ike Davis needs a rest.

As surprising as it is, the starting pitching seems to be settling in, the bullpen has been outstanding and the offense is beginning to show major signs of life. If the Mets can get some production from their bench the NL east race will be very interesting come September.


  1. I know this is a little off topic, but Jerry Manuel might be the dumbest manager/coach in all of
    If and when the Mets are winning, it has absolutely nothing to do with Jerry.
    The Mets are forever battling through issues (and doing a damn good job of it so far this season) and because of that, Jerry’s bonehead calls aren’t under the microscope that most other MLB managers are.
    I have faith in the team the Mets are putting on the field right now, but when, and if, they really put all the pieces together Manuel’s stupidity will fuck them over in the end.

    • You already know my stance Steve. This is not a shot at the American LEague, but Jerry is an AL manager. I say that bc Manuel is in love with giving players rest, and giving guys like Gary Matthews a start in the rubber-game of a series against the Phils. In the AL, guys can usually get rest by DH’in a day here and there.

      The Mets will never be a legit championship team until jerry and omar are gone. The Wilpons don’t go without blame, but its unrealistic that they would sell the team.

  2. i think the race is interesting now… its hard for any team to have all facets clicking at the same time. Once Beltran is back itll be Philly and NY….

  3. Just read an article about the bench Luke. I think the mets bench is batting like .170 while there are three guys in AAA just killing the ball right now. There is no way Frank Catalonotto should be on this team. He serves ZERO purpose. The fact that Jerry had the balls to bat this bum cleanup in a game is just a slap in the face to all Mets fans that have had to endure let-down after let-down for 25 years.

    That guy Chris Carter is a monster and should be our power guy off the bench. But yet again the Mets brass is so clueless, top to bottom , that we are left hoping Cora can get a bunt single.


  4. Gary Matthews is a fucking TOOL

  5. Sence- the race is only close IMO because the Phillies have had some injuries. They shouild be about 10 games over .500 by now.

    The biggest thing the mets have going for them is besides the Cards, Phillies, and Giants the NL is weak and the Mets could win the Wild Card at 85 games.

    And lets be honest….beltran is not coming back before July, if then. He cant even run on a treadmill right now without pain.

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