Jason Bay stinks

May 6, 2010


Jason Bay was 0 for 4 with two more K's on Wednesday

Entering the 2010 season, one of my lesser concerns was Jason Bay and his adaptation to New York City.  Based off what he did replacing Manny Ramirez in Boston, I had no reason to doubt that Bay would find his place in Queens and serve as a lethal threat out of the clean-up spot.   In 2009 for the Red Sox, Jason Bay belted 36 home runs and racked up 119 RBI’s while hitting .267 and swiping 13 bases.  Those stats alone were more than worthy of a $70 million contract. 

After five weeks into the 2010 season, however, Jason Bay is starting to remind me of Carlos Beltran in 2005. 

In the three game series against the Reds, Jason Bay went 0 for 12  with five strikeouts, and on the six game road trip he was just 3 for 23 with one RBI. Bay’s season batting average is now .238 and Jason has only one home run and a measly nine RBI’s.   He has also struck out 33 times in 28 games. 

In 2005, Carlos Beltran was signed to a lucrative contract and came to Flushing with high expectations as well.  The year prior, Beltran finished with 38 homers and drove in 104 runs while playing for both Kansas City and Houston.  2004 was also the year that Carlos smashed 8 home runs in the Post-Season for the Astros.  Nonetheless, in his first season as a Met, Beltran mustered just 16 homers and 78 RBI’s while batting .268. 

“It’s painful,” Bay said. “There’s a lot of guys doing a lot of things to help us win offensively, and I’m not one of them. I know I’m a big part of it … but right now, it’s a massive funk.”

Jason Bay may very well finish with 25 plus homers and close to 100 RBI’s in 2010.  After all, I firmly believe in players living up to the back of their baseball card nine times out of ten.  Likewise, I knew Bay was streaky, and even last season he went a month with just one home run and still finished with 36 on the year.  However, I also know that Bay has always been a hot hitter in April, and that is why this prolonged slump is alarming. 

Plenty of players have had trouble fitting in with either the Mets or Yankees.  New York is without question the toughest place to compete as a professional athlete.  Even with question marks still looming about the starting pitching staff, the bench, Reyes in the three-hole, and the over-worked bullpen, the Metropolitans will not contend in 2010 without Jason Bay living up to his hype.  As long as he continues to be ice cold, Jose Reyes isn’t going to get much to hit either.

So while Ike Davis is fun to watch, and witnessing the progression of Niese and Pelfrey warms the heart, Jason Bay’s ineptness is slowly starting to put a damper on any good feelings the Mets have conjured up so far in 2010.



  1. bullpen is shot bro

  2. Yeah man they’re overworked.

  3. lmao…great headline. right to the point.
    On that note, i’d give him one more month before you castigate him.

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