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Fresh off the Press: 2010 New York Giants Schedule

April 20, 2010

Let's Get it On!

The NFL Schedule has been released and here’s the dates for the football Giants

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Giants looking to feast on Broncos in Thanksgiving show down

November 25, 2009

Denver fans aren't too happy with the 4-game losing streak

What a difference a month makes.

Everybody knows the story by now:  Broncos hire a young, inexperienced coach, trade away their star quarter back, bench their star wide receiver only to kiss and make up, miraculously start the season 6-0, and now have lost four straight.  At 6-4, and after relinquishing its’ division lead, the Denver Broncos are left looking for answers.  What once looked like a Superbowl contender, now looks like a team destined for an 8-8 finishing record. 

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Giants resuscitated, Jets remain on life support

November 22, 2009

Eli Manning had a career day against the Falcons

Despite another meltdown by the shaky Giant defense, Lawrence Tynes kicked the G-men to a 34-31 victory, keeping the Giants in good position for a playoff spot.  The giants snapped their four-game losing streak, and Eli Manning threw for a career-high 384 yards.  Eli added three touchdown passes, including two to Kevin Boss.  The Falcons (5-5) have lost four of five after a 4-1 start.  With the win, the Giants became the first home team to win in the series since New York beat Atlanta in 1979. The visiting teams had won 12 straight in the series, and the Falcons gave it a good shot at making it 13 in a row.

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Meadowlands Meltdown

November 9, 2009
*Nov 08 - 00:05*

Mission: Failure

This was supposed to be the “Superbow.” The biggest game of the year. It was put up or shut up time for the g-men (lower case “g” because they’ve come up short). But instead of leaving the game with the “season still alive”  trophy, little blue limped out with nothing but the possibility of a season lost.

What changed?  Not much.  104 yds of penalties.  Terrible play calling on both sides of the ball. Running away from Giant’s football (literally). And the inability to make a stop when it was most needed.

When Terrell Thomas intercepted Philip Rivers  pass midway through the fourth quarter and brought the ball to inside the San Diego 5-yard line, you would think the Giants would wrap the game up.  However, the fact that the Giants are in the bottom rung in converting red zone opportunities into 7 points; a trend they have failed to buck since last season, it’s not suprising that they ended up with a FG.

*Nov 08 - 00:05*

Phillip Rivers celebrates the battle of the '04 QB's, with an easy game winning drive.

A holding penalty on Chris Snee, a dinky pass here, and two poorly-timed run plays later, and Lawrence Tynes is out for three points, to the  Chargers delight. To the dismay of Big Blue nation, the Giants failed to attack the endzone. Coach Tom Couglin explained, “We didn’t want a turnover there”.

If that’s not an indication that this team has completely lost its identity, I’m not sure what is. The rest is history. The Chargers marched down the field slicing through shabby coverage and mismatches (Thanks Bill Sheridan) and further diminish the Giants playoff hopes with a dagger-like touchdown with 20 seconds left.

Season over?  Not sure.  But the g-men have completely lost their identity.  Thank god for bye weeks.



November 4, 2009

What Now???


What Now??   The blowout in the Bayou.  Ok we’ll give it to them.  They’re coming off of a bye week, they’re at home, they’re a good team.  Better luck next week right?

Wrong.  Next week, Arizona’s “stallwart” defense stifles Eli, the defense plays ok, but gives up one big play too many, and Jeff Feagles looks like a punter from Pee Wee football

…..Ok, bad game, not like Giants football, better preparation for next week right?  Wrong.   Big Blue storms into Philly and catches another royal ass whoopin  (luckily the Yankees were able to salvage the NY/Philly battle royal)…….112 points in 3 games.   The nasty blitzing Defense is getting sliced and diced.  Run game non existent. Pass rush minimal at best.

So What Now?  Who’s to blame?  Is it the Offense, is it the Defense, is it injury?  To me, it’s a combination of everything.  The play calling on both sides have been abominable.  Why is Kevin Gilbride caling long pass play on short yardage situations?  Mr. Sheridan, are you lost out there?  Where is the pass rush.  Why is there so much blown coverage in the secondary.  Where are your adjustments?

The Kenny Phillips injury was a crushing blow, and Aaron Ross seems no where to be found.  Hopefully with Boley and Canty practicing this week, the Giants can start to regain that swag.  If not, with the toughest remaining schedule, the G-men could be on the outside looking in, or needing help to participate in January football.