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Groundhog Day

May 24, 2010


Everything is all 'high-fives' in Mets land...for now.

For one weekend, the New York Mets were able to lay claim to the New York baseball throne by defeating the hated Yankees in an important series for the franchise.  For three days, Mets fans could boast that Pelfrey was better than Phil Hughes and any thoughts of Sabathia being the better ace than Santana were put to bed.  While the two wins in the past two days appeared to have saved Jerry Manuel’s job, and put some life into the Mets season, fans of The Amazins must keep their excitement in check. 

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Vanglorious’ Fantasy Corner: Volume 2

April 1, 2010



Season after season, fantasy draft after fantasy draft there are always a plethora of bounce-back players.  You know them. Players that were once either excellent or considered destined for greatness until they ran into statistical tragedy .  Now these players can be gotten at bargain-basement prices at auction, or in the bottom half of fantasy drafts.  Below is a series of installments intended to explore such candidates.

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