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The top 10 athletes of the 2000’s….No. 3

December 21, 2009

"With the 199th pick of the 2000 NFL draft...."

The number three athlete began the decade as an obscure backup, but closes it as the most accomplished player in the nation’s most popular sport.  This quarterback is a three-time champion whose persona has transcended football.   In addition, despite appearing in just four Pro-Bowls and winning “only” one MVP, this athlete has been the epitome of clutch in the big spot, leading his team to some of the most memorable victories of the 2000’s.  Some players have passed him in terms of individual accolades and honors, but nobody can match his accomplishments when championships are on the line.

The number three athlete after the jump!

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Just win baby

December 11, 2009

TJ and the Jets must win on Sunday to keep playoff dreams alive


The New York Jets have won two in a row, and have seen their playoff chances increase with Pittsburgh’s loss to Cleveland Thursday night.  Nevertheless, Gang Green will have to rely on a backup quarterback this week in Kellen Clemens.  No matter who is behind center, the game plan should not change, and the Jets just need to keep winning one game at a time.  

The Jets are currently tied with Miami, and one game back of the Patriots in the AFC East.  Yes, the Dolphins hold the tie-breaker over New York, but their schedule is brutal down the stretch and at least one loss is likely.  New England could be headed for disarray as they have lost two in a row, haven’t won a road-game all season, and now Tom Brady has a finger and rib injury.  

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In the words of Marv Albert: Yesssss!!!!!

December 1, 2009


Open at Work with Caution...

Bits n’ Pieces

– Thats all folks, Pierce injured, may be done as a Giant

– Lifes a Brees, Saints rollover New England on Monday Night

– Tigers Goomah, Alleged mistress denies relationship

Ms. Patton and more bits after the jump….

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JD’s NFL Week 12 Weekend picks

November 27, 2009

T.O.N.Y is not responsible for your betting blunders...

Another tough weekend ahead—I only like a few games this weekend and just use simple logic– a lot of money was laid down on Thanksgiving, and Vegas, regardless of how they did yesterday compensates for this by toying with the weekend games.  When this happens, always look for trap lines during the weekend as the book looks to rebound from Thursday.  A lot of money was put on Denver as the spread went from -7 to -4.5 at one point, and since Denver won…

**9-8** Overall (Oakland shoulda covered yesterday)

Picks after the jump!

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JDizzle’s Week 11 Picks

November 18, 2009

Bet with caution..T.O.N.Y Sports is not responsible for your gambling blunders-

These games are tough this week…bet with caution… I will be sitting on my hands this weekend–

Tomorrow Night:

Carolina / Miami

Pick: Carolina -3—The Wildcat will be ineffective since Ronnie Brown will be out—Carolina is coming off a nice win vrs Atlanta—Take the Panthers.

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