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TR Luxury Group and Samsung come together on Draft Night

June 28, 2011

TR Luxury team and Dahntay Jones swagged out on the red carpet

Before Iman Shumpert and Josh Harrelson were introduced to the orange and blue faithful at the Rock (o_O) for the 2011 NBA Draft, our friends at TR Luxury Group and Samsung came together to host a viewing party for the ages.  Located at the Samsung Experience in Columbus Circle, you had top NBA stars, former draft picks and industry elites all under one roof.

The event was co-hosted by Dahntay Jones of the Indiana Pacers and the Dahntay Jones Foundation.   Founded in 2005, the foundation helps inner city youth further their education and alleviate stresses associated with peer pressure, drugs, violence and attending and graduating college with its scholarship and grant program.

All in all it was another star studded TR Luxury Group affair.  But it was only the appetizer because the after party was even better.  Stay tuned!

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More photos from the event by Mainframe NYC Photography can be found here:!/Mainframenyc


Lance Dances with NBA

April 7, 2010

Stephenson will skip his sophomore year

Former Lincoln high school star and Coney Island product Lance Stephenson, will follow in the footsteps of Stephon Marbury and forgo his last thee years at Cincinnati to enter the NBA.

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D’oh! Walsh Blames Scouts for passing up on Jennings

December 10, 2009

We passed on this guy for Jordan Hill??

Brandon Jennings, if you have lived under a rock for the past 3 months has torn up the NBA, and is an early candidate for the rookie of the year award. The Knicks passed up on him and picked up Jordan Hill with their lottery pick this past June and has seen spotted minutes in Mike D’antoni’s rotation this season, barring a miracle on 34th street Hill will probably not sniff the top five in rookie of the year voting.

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