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I’m Lavin it!

March 30, 2010

The new face of St. John's basketball?

St. John’s fans wanted a new “homerun” coach in a New York minute. Fans also wanted St. John’s to be relevant again.  It looks like the Redmen faithful might get their wish.      

Former UCLA coach and  former ESPN analyst Steve Lavin is close to agreeing to become the next coach of the St. John’s Red Storm.  The 45 year-old emerged as the leading candidate after Paul Hewitt would not relocate and it was reported Al Skinner would not alter his assistant coaches.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Know your NYC Hoop History…The Cage

December 15, 2009

And Oneeeeeee!!!

The basketball gods dropped an asphalt heaven right on earth, the West 4th courts simply known as the “Cage” hosts NYC’s only summer time basketball tournament that runs seven days a week, from Memorial day to Labor day. It is a tradition that has carried on since 1977.

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