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New Kids on the Block…Mets win home opener 7-1

April 5, 2010

First Place!

via Associated Press

NEW YORK — David WrightJohan SantanaJason Bay. Each of them delivered. This was exactly what the New York Mets were looking for on Opening Day.

Wright hit a two-run homer, Santana pitched six effective innings and the Mets finally solved Josh Johnson, beating theFlorida Marlins 7-1 on Monday.

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You’re as useless as an a$$hole right here (points to elbow) ahhh..Fantasy Baseball Begins!

March 23, 2010

Go See Rocket shes got a job for ya

To say my friends are an eclectic bunch is an understatement. We’ve got black folks, brown folks (Filipinos are brown skinned dammit!), yellow folks and of course the sprinkle of white folks. Not that it matters, I think we all have a common interest in girls, piff, cars, video games, clothing and of course sports. However, that does not stop us from ribbing each other with momma jokes, ethnic jokes and your’e not working tomorrow jokes. There are simply no rules, and if someone goes over the line its usually duked out by fists or lawn care tools in Dads backyard.

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5 keys to drafting your Fantasy Baseball team

March 22, 2010

After completing my eleventh fantasy baseball draft last night, it became even more apparent that you never know what to expect. Fantasy football and basketball pretty much go as planned, but baseball is really in a league of its own.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Torii Hunter is a racist

March 12, 2010

What an idiot

Dear Torii Hunter,

I used to respect you. Actually, I kinda admired you as a ball player. I thought you played the game the way it was meant to be played, with integrity and pride. You were one of the good guys. Those days are done though. You’re officially on my shit list.

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2010 Fantasy Baseball Top 50

March 11, 2010

#1-Hanley Ramirez-SS-FLA- What’s not to love about Han-Ram?  Given the shallowness at the shortstop position for the 2010 season and the monstrous numbers he put up in ’09 (.342 BA, 101 R’s, 24 HR’s, 106 RBI’s, 27 SB, .410 OBP), Hanley’s value is “through the roof”.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, he’s only 26 and it’s very possible he hasn’t even met his potential yet. How scary is that?

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Fantasy Forecasts and Predictions for 2010

January 15, 2010

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Jose Reyes, unplugged.

December 16, 2009

Today on WFAN, Mike Francesa interviewed Jose Reyes in studio for about one hour.  The entire interview can be heard at, and touched on topics ranging from his health, the Philadelphia Phillies, his thoughts on Jason Bay, relationship and/or feud with Willie Randolph, and how he can improve his game. 

Some highlights/quotables from the interview can be found after the jump.

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In the words of Marv Albert: Yesssss!!!!!

November 30, 2009

Open at Work with Caution...


Bits n’ Pieces

– Mums the word- Tiger blames himself for accident

– Young Gunslinger, Titans win 5th straight behind late minute drive

– Pefecto, Manning and Colts remain unbeaten

– Timeless, Favre throws 3 TD’s against sliding Bears

more Bits and Lady Gigi after the jump….

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