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Clap it up for Ike

April 20, 2010

New Face at First Base

via ESPN New York

NEW YORK — A little more than seven hours after he put on his Buffalo Bisons jersey, Ike Davis stood on first base at Citi Field in a New York Mets uniform holding the ball from his first big league hit.

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How to get fired, by Jerry Manuel

April 8, 2010

Jerry Manuel may not see the light of day for much longer

Let me state briefly that I think Manuel is a decent manager and will probably end up getting a raw deal when he is fired mid-season because of Omar Minaya’s ineptitude.  Jerry is likeable, has the respect of the players, and most of the time has a grasp of the team.  

That being said, just two games into 2010 Jerry is beginning to dig his own grave.  Read the rest of this entry ?