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Breaking down the AL East

April 2, 2010

Who will come out on top?

When looking at the AL East, it’s arguable that the best three teams in baseball are in this division. The Yankees, Red Sox and Rays all are stacked with premium offensive players, good pitching and exceptional coaching, which makes this year’s hunt for October that much more interesting.

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Top 10 NY Sports Moments of 2009

December 30, 2009

...where dreams are made of

As 2009 comes to a close, and Luis Castillo drops the ball  in Times Square, we reflect on those moments (good or bad) in the past year that made New York sports entertaining, frustrating, and memorable.  Players went down, new players arrived, and even a Championship was won for the city.  Tears were shed, fans jumped for joy, and in a time of recession sports provided us with an outlet to escape. 

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Is superagent Scott Boras crazy?

November 11, 2009

Superagent Scott Boras is looking to get Johnny Damon a four-year deal.

Answer: Yes.

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Lebron sits Atop his Thrown… Kings New York Knicks

November 7, 2009
LBJ's Best JR Rider Impression

LBJ does his best JR Rider Impression

Cavaliers- 100 Knicks- 91

Oooo’s and ahhh’s filled the Garden last night and it wasn’t because of the Knicks play. It was because Lebron James was putting on a show fit for a king to watch. As Yankee players C.C. Sabathia, A-Rod and rapper Jay-Z watched from court side LBJ went bonkers in the first 8 minutes and shot 5 for 6 including a buzzer beating 3 pointer. He finished the 1st with 19 points. It was a rout by the 2nd quarter as the Cavs built a 26 point lead. Lebron’s stat line in 36 minutes, 33 points, 9 assists and 8 rebounds. The closet it came to a game last night was when the Knicks finally showed some fight and cut the deficit to 9 with 3:20 remaining the game. As usual same old story, too little too late.

I’d love to spin this article and add some positive things to say but while watching the game on ESPN last night, my favorite Knick coach and current ESPN basketball analyst Jeff Van Gundy mentioned this, “the Knicks are getting decent looks but their just a bad shooting basketball team”.

Last night after 8 years of frustration I finally had to admit that my team just does not have the talent to be a good team in the NBA. Yes you can argue that the 90’s teams of Oak and Mase didn’t have all the talent either, but what they lacked in talent they made up with sweat, blood, tears and simple gritty hard work. This team lacks both of those ingredients. They also lack a bona fide star to take responsibility and lead. As I told my homie last night, we have role players starting on a team of role players.

Again the Knicks did what they do best, took terrible shots and played atrocious defense when their offense wasn’t clicking. They looked awe-struck as Lebron made Wilson Chandler, Jared Jefferies and whoever else guarding him look like a kid meeting his favorite athlete for the 1st time. After the game Lebron approached 2nd year player Danilo Gallinari at center court and spoke a few words to him. Danilo said that he never met the King before last night and that they both spoke prior and after the game. “he told me to keep working hard and to take care of my back by stretching” Not a bad sign, is Lebron secretly paying attention to this Knick team in an effort to be ready to lead if he arrives next summer? I sure hope so.

Danilo one of the few Knicks who weren’t joking around with James during the game looked to play last night. He fouled JJ Hickson hard on a lay up attempt in the 2nd quarter and seemed like the only Knick to care as the Cavs sliced and diced to the basket with ease. I hated on the Rooster last year when we drafted him but he’s gained my respect by playing hard on the court no matter the score or if the Knicks were winning or losing. Gallo finished the game with 17 points on 5-10 shooting. D Lee defending Shaq most of the night dropped 21 points and 6 rebounds. Al Harrington who looked like the epitome of a 6th man since he was regulated to the bench contributed 14 points making 5 of 14 of his attempts. Larry Hughes played another decent game dropping 18 points alongside 5 rebounds, 4 dimes and 4 thefts.

This is Lebron’s only visit to New York this year, the Knicks next play them in 2010 on February 6th. Nate Robinson missed his 3rd consecutive game due to an ankle injurie he sustained last week. JJ Hickson made his first start of the season replacing Anderson Varejao. Former Yankee center fielder Bernie Williams who was recently nominated for a latin Grammy played the star-spangled banner on his electric guitar at the start of the game. Ken Mauer an NBA officiating last nights game was in NY, I mention him because a few years ago I helped him return some bad rugs he bought in Morocco while touring there. Insignificant lol but I thought I would mention it.


-Young Jedi Fresh

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A-Rod solidifies legacy

November 5, 2009

Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown.

Not for Alex Rodriguez.

No longer will the $3oo million man have to answer questions about his postseason failures. 

With the weight of the world on his shoulders, and a below .200 batting average going into the start of this year’s playoffs, A-Rod has expelled the demons. He has gotten something that  his annual paycheck can’t buy. 

A ring.

It’s been 15 ring-less years for Alex. But with the help of a steroid-use admission, a hip surgery, and the addition of Kate Hudson, A-Rod has transformed himself. No longer is he the goat of Yankee failures. He put aside the egoistic, me-first attitude that has characterized him his entire career. This time,the team came first.

A-rod has secured his legend. He batted a robust .365 (19-for-52) with six homers and a franchise-record 18 RBIs in the 2009 playoffs. Think they were meaningless RBIs? Not quite. Eight of them tied a game or gave the Yankees the lead.

He was clutch. He was Jeter-esque. He was everything Yankee fans wanted him to be when we signed him 5 years ago. I don’t know what Kevin Long said to him, but his approach at the plate, along with his demeanor, is completely different. He had a career high in walks this year. He bought into the Yankee concept of being patient, taking your walks and passing the baton.

This was the MO of the late 90s teams. Grind out at bats. Take walks. Let your teammate pick you up. And that’s exactly what A-Rod did. When Pedro pitched around him, he let Matsui pick up the slack. And oh, how he picked it up.

And when the team needed him most, he delivered. Game-tying jacks in Game 2 and 3 of the ALDS, one off Joe Nathan in the bottom of the 9th. The game tying jack off MLB save leader Brian Fuentes in Game 2 of the ALCS. He ravaged Phillies closer Brad Lidge for the go-ahead RBI double in the 9th inning of Game 4 of the World Series.

And oh yeah, A-Rod also hit the first video-reviewed HR in the WS, which also was a game-changer, cutting the Phillies lead to 3-2 in Game 3 of the WS.

A-Rod has shaken off the criticism. He has reinvented himself. As Dennis Green once said — though slightly tailored — He is who we thought he was.

It just took five years to find out.


Who do you keep?

November 5, 2009

Godzilla put the Yanks on his back in Game 6, but will that be enough to keep him in Pinstripes?


Now that the Yankees have won their 27th World Championship, General Manager Brian Cashman has some tough decisions ahead of him.

Damon, Pettitte and Matsui are all free agents, and most likely, the Yankees can only keep two of them. So who do you choose?

Damon had a career year in his final year with the Pinstripes. He had 24 homeruns –tying a career high –, a .280 batting average and drove in more than 80 RBIs. Matsui batted around .290, had 25-plus jacks and damn near drove in 100 RBIs. Pettitte was good ol’ reliable, being the second-half dominant pitcher the Yanks have come to expect from him. Oh yeah, he also closed out every playoff series this year.

I think that even though Matsui is the WS MVP, Game 6 was his swan song. The Yankees, who are moving more toward a younger, mobile group, rather than a bunch of power hitters, don’t have the space to have a full-time DH who can’t field. With aging players like Arod, Jeter and Posada, they need days off from the field, and having a permanent DH would leave them out of the lineup. 

So who’s more important? Posada, Jeter and Arod…or Matsui?

Easy answer.


Damon had a monster year. But will that earn him another Steinbrenner check?

Damon may have swung himself into a one-year $8 million contract by batting .380 in the WS, but Matsui batted in 6 RBIs in one WS game! I think Damon gets the contract because he still has some life in his legs and he and Jeter have formed a formidable 1-2 punch at the top of the lineup. He can still play the outfield — barely — but that’s more than Matsui can. 

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to old friends. It’s even harder to watch them detiororate in front of your own eyes. I think this is the best we’ll see of Matsui, and I’d rather see him go out on top, than struggling to stay in the lineup.

I wouldn’t keep Damon for more than a year or two, and I would definitely DH him if the Yanks choose to bring up Austin Jackson to play left field.

The question with Andy is easy though. Bring him back. Period. The crafty left-hander baffled the Phillies left-handed bats, and he provided a steady, veteran voice in the clubhouse. All the young pitchers love Andy. He teaches them. Directs them. And he leads by example.

He gobbled up 200 plus innings, again, and when it mattered most, he pitched great. He doesn’t let the moment faze him. He excels in the spotlight. He devours pressure. That was a key component to this club, and Pettitte epitomized it.

The Yankees can’t get caught up in the moment. We are building a dynasty, and though Matsui’s Game 6 was epic, he just doesn’t fit into the plans for 2010.

My idea: Damon, 2-year $16 million.

Pettitte: One year deal, $8 million with incentives to take it up to $13 mill.

Matsui: It’s been great old friend. Thanks for the memories. You’ll always be No. 55 to me.