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Beware of batted balls!

March 31, 2010

I guess Eminem isn’t the only one who hates his mother….

Minnesota Twins leadoff man Denard Span hit his mother in the chest with a line-drive foul ball during Wednesday’s spring game in Tampa against the New York Yankees. Span rushed over to the stands to check on her, then stayed in the game. Read the rest of this entry ?


Everyone’s seen a “Switch-Hitter”, but have you ever seen a “Switch-Pitcher?”

March 30, 2010

Can he make an impact on the Major League level?

Pat Venditte is a pitcher who can deal with both his left and right arms.  Although his talent has only gotten him a job pitching for the Advanced Class-A Tampa Yankees, his technique has given him the opportunity to pitch for a very curious Joe Girardi and the Bomber’s tonight versus the Atlanta Braves in Lake Buena Vista, Fl. It should be very interesting to watch an ambidextrous pitcher face off against a switch-hitter like Chipper Jones. Read the rest of this entry ?


Memo to Yankees: Make Joba the fifth starter

March 25, 2010

Joba deserves to start this year

Joba Chamberlain should be a starter.

Unless he goes out this year and rolls out a poultry five-plus ERA, throws 91 mph heaters combined with meatball cement mixers, then by all means, put him in the pen. But hasn’t he earned the opportunity to pitch a full season without shackles? Read the rest of this entry ?


The artist formerly known as Joba?

March 18, 2010

When you’re coming off a 27th World Championship, and add a Cy-young candidate to an already stacked starting rotation, there’s not much to complain about with the Yankees.   However, yesterday it was reported in some papers that Joba Chamberlain was “pitching for his life” against the Phillies in Spring Training. 

Has it really come to this for what once was the game’s best set-up man? Read the rest of this entry ?


2010 Fantasy Baseball Top 50

March 11, 2010

#1-Hanley Ramirez-SS-FLA- What’s not to love about Han-Ram?  Given the shallowness at the shortstop position for the 2010 season and the monstrous numbers he put up in ’09 (.342 BA, 101 R’s, 24 HR’s, 106 RBI’s, 27 SB, .410 OBP), Hanley’s value is “through the roof”.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, he’s only 26 and it’s very possible he hasn’t even met his potential yet. How scary is that?

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WINN-Win Situation

January 27, 2010

The New York Yankees and veteran outfielder Randy Winn have reportedly agreed to a one year deal worth $2 million.  Prior to this off-season Brian Cashman(General Manager) stated that the Yankees, under the order of the Steinbrenner Bros(Part Owners), would limit their 2010 payroll to $200 million, and with the addition of Winn, and his $ 2 million dollar salary, the Yankees have met that limit.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Damon’s Diminishing Dollars

January 20, 2010

Back in December, Brian Cashman and the New York Yankees offered Johnny Damon a healthy contract that would’ve paid him 14 million over two years.  Under the command of his villainous, egotistical agent Scott Boras, Johnny not only abruptly turned down the offer, but basically laughed at it.  Johnny and Scott (sounds like a gay couple) were under the impression that Damon was worth 13 million a year, and went on to proclaim that if the Yankees weren’t willing to match that number, they shouldn’t even bother making an offer.

Dear Johnny,


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