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TONY Sports is a blog for New York sports fans by New York sports fans.  No clutter, no spin, no garbage…. just New York Sports.  Follow Us on Twitter-  @TNYSports

Young Jedi Fresh: New York Knicks/General Sports Contributor: Jedi who hails from New York, New York by way of Queens and Long Island heads up Knicks basketball and all things related to hoops. He is a sick in the head Knick fan who desperately wants his hometown team to be good again. He enjoys sneakers, rap music, dimes and Kobe beef.

Favorite Teams- Knicks, Mets, Islanders, Jets, Vikings and the University of Michigan Wolverines

Follow Me on Twitter- @youngjedifresh

Email me- talkofnewyorkJEDI@gmail.com

Ill Will: New York General Sports Contributor: Ill Will who hails from Long Island, NY is a sucker for bad sports teams.  He loves misery, and is a die-hard follower of all the losing teams in NY.  His agony from years of watching the Mets, Jets, and Islanders has led to his in-your-face articles and “just don’t give a bleep” attitude.  He hates the Yankees and wishes death upon Michael Kay.  He enjoys Hip Hop beef, Penne ala Vodka, and Meghan Fox.

Favorite Teams- Mets, Jets, Islanders, St. John’s hoops, Knicks

Follow me on Twitter: @WallstreetWilly

Sensei the Diatribe: New York Yankees Contributor:

Chauncey Black: New York Sports General Contributor:

JDizzle10: New York Rangers Contributor/General Contributor:

Favorite Teams:Knicks, Jets,Yankees, Rangers, Giants,LSU,Uof Michigan, Hofstra Pride…

Email Me: Dezzy2736@aol.com



  1. yall better be goooooooooD!

  2. i love your photos..awesome!

  3. thanks..appreciate the support!

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