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June 16, 2010

A lot going on in the Big Apple....

The Mets are all of a sudden road warriors, the Yankees continue to dominate at home, Darrelle Revis may not be who we thought he was, and the Nets have a new coach.  Oh yea, and apparently Lebron James is bigger than New York City.  Yuck….

I have a lot on my mind, and it’s time to rant!

Meet the new Mets– 

So all season the Metropolitans dominated the competition at home, but couldn’t muster any success away from Citi Field.  Bring in the putrid Orioles and Indians and all of sudden the Mets are bandits on the road.  And don’t look now, but David Wright currently leads the NL in RBI’s.   I’ve stated numerous times to never get excited about the Amazins until they are hoisting the World Championship Trophy in November, and I’m sticking to my guns.  The Mets have a tough road ahead after their stop in Cleveland, as the Yankees, Tigers and Twins are waiting in the distance.  The Mets definitely need another starting pitcher, but I’ve heard reports that the Mariners want Jon Niese (plus maybe more) for Cliff Lee.  DO NOT DO THIS DEAL OMAR.  I’m not saying Niese is on the level of Cliff Lee, but all reports point towards Lee being just a rental, so I would not do this trade.  I also don’t think I’d touch Oswalt and his back issues unless the Astros handed him to us for a bag of balls. 

There’s no place like home– 

All the talk in the Big Apple has been about the Mets dominating at home.  Well, take one look at the Yankees home record and you’ll see that it is the Bronx Bombers who currently have the best home mark in baseball at 24-7.  WOW….Despite the Rays and the sudden resurgence of the Red Sox, this is still the Yankees division to lose and with their starting pitching I don’t see them giving way to anybody.  Even Vazquez has started to resemble part of his 2009 form. 

Vazquez is 3-0 with a 2.57 ERA in June

The Bombers also have a man for the 9th inning named Mariano Rivera, which the Rays and Sox don’t have.  I’d be shocked if the Yanks don’t win the Al East by at least 4 or 5 games. 

Revis Island- 

OK, so last season Darrelle Revis said that he was all about team first, and his contract would not become that big of an issue in the off-season.  Apparently the Jets brass also promised to take care of the corner this off-season. Most know that I love Darrelle Revis, and pray to his jersey every night before counting sheep, but I’m siding with Gang Green here.  The Jets needs Revis, no question, but it must be at the right price.  Darrelle wants to be the highest paid corner in football, therefore making more money than Asomugha of the Raiders.  But why should the Jets follow a Raider mistake, especially since Al Davis hasn’t made a right decision in nearly seven years?  Revis should get paid, and receive a hefty raise, but it must be in reason.  No way should he receive more than Peyton Manning.  Stop being a “bitch” Revis and back up your words that you’re all about the team.  No more sitting out half the OTA’s either….participate fully, or don’t show up at all. 

The Forgotten

Most people in NYC don’t care about or just hate the Nets.  I for one kinda root for them, although I also cheer for the Knicks, but then again I’m not a big NBA fan to begin with.  However, I love the hire of Avery Johnson because his teams always play defense, and he actually has the highest winning percentage of any coach in NBA history.  Still, it will all come down to which players are on the court, as very few, if any, coaches win without talent in the NBA.  The Nets have a nice nucleus to build off of, and they certainly have an owner that can offer these free agents anything they want. 

I’ll end by saying that the pleading for and begging of Lebron James to come to the Big Apple is disgusting.  I’m sorry, but I highly doubt Lebron cares about Whoopi Goldberg, any politician, any actor, or even Mark Messier luring him to Madison Square Garden.  As much as I respect Messier, I highly doubt Lebron even knows who he is.  New York City will still be the greatest place in the world, with or without Lebron James.   So please, STOP IT!.


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