Vanglorious’ Fantasy Corner: Volume 4

June 9, 2010



Players heat up and cool down over weekly periods, it’s as sure as the samples are small.

This column helps you react (not overreact) to recent hot and cold streaks.  Which are for real?  Which aren’t?  Read along…



Bill Hall – 3B/OF – Boston Red Sox (Owned in 3.3% of ESPN Leagues) – Bill Hall was a fantasy commodity at one point.  He qualified everywhere and had some nice pop in his bat.  This was, of course, before he started sucking around 2007.  Well, last week was a definite reminder of his golden 2006 season.  8 runs, 1 HR, 2 SB and a .636 average, will he ever have a week like that again?  Probably not.  However, his average is hovering in the useful .250 area.  With the Sox outfield continuously riddled with injuries , Hall makes a good addition.


Chris Coghlan – OF – Florida Marlins (Owned in 48% of ESPN Leagues) – After popularity in most drafts this season, Coghlan has seen his Fantasy ownership levels plummet to 40% recently.  However, now he’s starting to show why he was drafted so frequently.  Over the last seven days, he hit .444 with 6 runs and 2 SB.  Since May 23, Coghlan has raised his batter average from .210 to .249.  If your team’s in need of runs or SB’s, you should be grabbing Coghlan in almost all leagues. 


Lyle Overbay – 1B – Toronto Blue Jays (Owned in 3.4% of ESPN Leagues) – With the Blue Jays offense performing like the juggernaut of Major League Baseball, Overbay has been laying in the weeds, ripe for improvement.  Over the last week, he belted 3 HR and hit .455.  With the potential to score 80 runs, hit 18 HR, and knock in 80 RBI this year, he remains a useful 1B option.


Mark Ellis – 2B – Oakland A’s (Owned in 2.4% of ESPN Leagues) – Infected by the not-able-to-stay-healthy Oakland curse, most have forgotten  about the usefulness of a middle infielder with some HR upside.  Last week Ellis hit 1 HR, knocked in 7 RBI, and batted .500.  If he could stay healthy, he could be a very cheap source of pop from the middle of the diamond.


Fred Lewis – OF – Toronto Blue Jays (Owned in 8.3% of ESPN Leagues) – Batting atop the powerful Blue Jays offense, the sky’s the limit for Lewis.  Over the last 7 days he scored 7 runs, stole a base, and hit .478.  He could score 70 MORE runs and steals a ton of bases, not too shabby.


Armando Galarraga – SP – Detroit Tigers (Owned in 13.8% of ESPN Leagues) – How could I not talk about the guy who pitched a semi-perfect game?  He pitched 10.2 innings over the last seven days, got a win, struck out 3, didn’t allow a run and posted a miniscule 0.19 WHIP.  In 2008, Galarraga was incredibly useful and lucky.  He hasn’t been either since.  However, this year, he is posting the best walk:K rate of his career (2.75).  He is certainly not going to continue his ratio pace, but he does make for a good addition in deeper leagues.  Still, he’s just a match-ups/spot start guy – don’t run him out there against elite offenses.



Stephen Drew – SS – Arizona Diamondbacks (Owned in 100% of ESPN Leagues) – Drew’s unpleasant line over the last seven days can be chalked up to horrible luck.  He posted a .133 BAbip over the past week which lead to a .091 AVG and no counting stats.  On a more positive note, he’s still on pace to score 90 runs, hit 12 HR, and knock in 60 RBI.  His average still sits at .284, even after an awful week.  He’ll be fine.


Matt Wieters – C – Baltimore Orioles (Owned in 69.4% of ESPN Leagues) – The Orioles not only suck, but are in a massive funk as well, and Wieters is clearly not immune to it.  He’s 0-14 over the past week and his .182 BAbip over the past 14 days don’t help.  I don’t see this situation getting any better anytime soon.  He might pick it up over the summer, but as of now, it’s safe to drop him in shallow leagues.


Mark Reynolds – 3B/1B – Arizona Diamondbacks (Owned in 100% of ESPN Leagues) – Now, if Mark Reynolds could bat .270, he might be the best player in the game.  Unfortunately, last week was a bad one for the slugger: .133 AVG and no counting stats.  Although Reynolds is battling an injury (will likely miss the DL), he is exactly who we thought he was, a guy with great power and counting stat ability who will hurt you in ratios.


John Danks – SP – Chicago White Sox (Owned in 96% of ESPN Leagues) – On April 30 of this year John Danks had 3 wins, a 1.55 ERA, .086 WHIP, 1.9 BB/9 and 8.1 K/9.  As of now, he has 4 wins, a 3.34 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, 2.9 BB/9, and 7.2 K/9.  He has officially fallen in line with his career numbers, which means there will be some outings like his last (4 IP, 2 K’s, 18.00 ERA and 2.75 WHIP).  I advise selling on Danks as soon as possible.


Wandy Rodriguez – SP – Houston Astros (Owned in 48.7% of ESPN Leagues) – Last week WandyRod stuck out an impressive 13 batters over 8.1 IP.  Unfortunately he also posted a 9.72 ERA and 2.16 WHIP.  Really the damage came from an away start in Cincinnati.  For the year he is pitching much better at home (8.7/9 K rate) than away (4.7/9 K rate).  Basically, if you own Wandy, he can still give your team some upside as long as you only start him at home with a favorable match-up, but I wouldn’t advise it. 





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