Boiling Point

June 3, 2010


Johan Santana has been dominant once again this season, with an ERA of 1.29 in his last five starts and an ERA of 2.75 for the season.  If you dig deeper into the numbers, and take out the one inning in which he let up nine runs to the Phillies who were illegally stealing signs, his ERA dips down a full run to 1.75 on the year.  However, the lefty has just four wins on the season, and Wednesday afternoon against the Padres was another wasted Johan Santana effort for the Mets.  While most players would love the opportunity to play in New York, one has to begin wondering whether Santana secretly wishes he could exile himself from the city and the organization. 

After the rubber-game against San Diego, Johan said all the right things stating he loves the way the team is playing defense behind him, admires Jerry Manuel’s willingness to put him out there for the 7th, and admitted that the Padres are playing really good baseball right now.  Nonetheless, deep down inside Santana had to be fuming over K-Rod once again blowing one of his starts and the inability of the Mets offense to score more than one run for the former Cy-Young winner.  I’m sure a part of him loves New York City, and I’m positive he gets along fine with his teammates. I’m also willing to bet that pitching in the friendly confinds of Citi Field is a luxury Johan enjoys.  But I’d also wager that a part of Johan Santana is disgusted or at the very least depressed over not being able to reap any benefits for pouring his heart and soul on the mound every night. 

The Mets are now back to .500 for the season, despite being 19-9 at home.  After Wednesday’s loss to the Padres, The Amazins are now 8-18 away from Citi Field and have not won back-to-back road games since July of last season.  The Mets’ streak of 55 road games without consecutive wins is the third-longest in team history. 

Long story short:  This team is a mess.  If they are not going to win when Santana pitches, there is no hope for the season.  I’ll give Jerry Manuel some credit, however, as the Mets record should be way worse than it currently is.  I reached my boiling point with this team long ago, but I wonder when things will really heat up between Johan and the rest of the team.


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