Extreme Home Makeover

May 25, 2010


Will changes to The Garden entice free aents?

Madison Square Garden, the world’s most famous arena, will be receiving some much-needed renovations in the upcoming months.  The home of the New York Knicks, Rangers, and St. John’s basketball will go through many phases of improving what is already the mecca of sports across the country.  Amongst the highlighted features will be two “Sky Bridges” that will hang five stories above the playing surface.

Whereas sitting near Spike Lee was considered the premium ticket in town for a Knicks game, the $850 million renovations will turn the Sky Bridges into the hottest ticket in town. 

“This is our signature element. It will be a unique experience in sports and entertainment,” Hank Ratner, CEO of Madison Square Garden, told The New York Post. The sky bridges and new lobby are scheduled to be completed for the 2013-14 seasons, along with a party deck on the 10th floor and remodeled upper-level suites.  No word yet on the punishment for dumping beers onto fans below. 

Other improvements include moving out the majority of office space inside and around the arena which will widen the lower concourse to include dining spots as well as various gift shops.  The concourse will also pay homage to the many great years witnessed at the Garden, with tributes to the Knicks and Rangers as well as other landmark events.  The first phase of renovations will also include the implementation of “event-level” suites that will be located below courtside featuring kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces and dining rooms.  Not sure why that is all necessary but in New York I guess everything is bigger and better.  The new seats in the upper levels will all be more plush, and the angle of the bowl’s incline will be increased 17 degrees to bring fans closer to the action, similar to the site lines at Citi Field. 

The event-level suites and lower concourse should be completed by the 2011-2012 seasons, with the rest scheduled to be finished by the 2013-2014 seasons.   There will also be a 10th floor part deck, that should as well as various clubs that should be completed by 2013. You can find more pictures of the planned renovations below. 

*10th Floor Party Decks*

*The Delta 360 Club which will allow fans to view the players entering and exiting the playing surface*

*Lower level suites*


*The Super Club*


*Upper Concourse*


  1. cant wait til this is done..lower level suites look insane

  2. Wow! That’s going to be ridiculous.
    I knew they were renovating MSG, but I didn’t realize how major some of the changes would actually be.
    I’m lovin it, now let’s put a successful product on the court and I’ll be a happy Knick fan for the first time in over a decade….
    Great post Batman!

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