Groundhog Day

May 24, 2010


Everything is all 'high-fives' in Mets land...for now.

For one weekend, the New York Mets were able to lay claim to the New York baseball throne by defeating the hated Yankees in an important series for the franchise.  For three days, Mets fans could boast that Pelfrey was better than Phil Hughes and any thoughts of Sabathia being the better ace than Santana were put to bed.  While the two wins in the past two days appeared to have saved Jerry Manuel’s job, and put some life into the Mets season, fans of The Amazins must keep their excitement in check. 

After all, haven’t we seen this same story before? 

I’ve come to the conclusion after the last 4 seasons that there is no tougher job in the world than being a fan of the Metropolitans.  Sharing the same city with the top franchise in baseball is treacherous enough, and the Mets sure do their part in agonizing and crippling their fan base.The one thing the Mets are great at, however, is letting their fans down, only to draw them back in for the eventual decapitation in the end.  We saw it in 2006 when the Mets appeared to be the best team in baseball, only to lose to a mediocre Cardinals team in the NLCS.  In 2007, the Mets once again looked unbeatable, that is until the pressure was on and the players folded like a bad poker hand.  It was the same story in 2008, despite a managerial switch, as the organization had the fan base by the balls only to crunch them to pieces in September.  2009 was a wash, due to the abundance of injuries, but 2010 is acting like a bad sequel to the movies of years past. 

The 2010 campaign began badly, and at 4-8 the Mets looked to be out of it before May.  A 9-1 homestand brought the fans back in, as the team looked primed to contend for at least the Wild Card the rest of the way.  After a 9-1 victory on April 30 in Philly, the team collapsed yet again and stood at two games under .500 entering the Yankees series.  Friday nights loss was tough to stomach, as any team who surrenders just two runs to the Bombers should find a way to win the game.  Nonetheless, like the Mets always do, they responded and won the next two games to excite a bruised and battered fan base. 

I’m sure the Mets fans will call up Mike Francesa this afternoon, pump their chests and talk down upon the fans of the evil empire. And I must admit, they have every right to do so as part of the fun of sports in the bragging that accompanies defeating one of your rivals.  However, this guy right here is not buying into the 2010 Mets just yet.  After all, the next three games are against a great Phillies team and if one hasn’t noticed, the Mets are throwing R.A Dickey on Tuesday followed by the still unproven Takahashi. 

“We have a big series coming up and hopefully this continues,” said Johan Santana after last night’s win.  “We’ve just to play good baseball.  We’ve got to fight… They’re a pretty good team, and we feel we have a pretty good team also.  We’re starting to get better.  We’re gonna fight, and see how everything goes.”

We’re going to see how everything goes is right, as the Phillies could easily sweep the Mets away back into the cellar of the NL East.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me two, three, or four times?  Well, you know the rest. 

One thing that Mets fans should be optimistic about is the play of Jason Bay.  The left fielder is seven for his last seven and blasted two homeruns off C.C. Sabathia last night.  Despite looking like a bust for most of the season, Jason Bay now has his average over .300 and one of his notorious hot-streaks seems to be in the future.  Mike Pelfrey also appears to have grown into the pitcher most thought he could be, and pairing him with Santana gives the Mets one of the better 1-2 punches in the NL.  If the Mets somehow trade for Roy Oswalt, then there is no reason they can’t contend for the Wild Card. 

Being a true fan of a team means never giving up, never jumping ship, and riding with your squad until the end.  Through all the ups and downs, I will never stop rooting for my Mets and strongly hold hope that one day I will be attending a victory parade.  Nevertheless, until I see David Wright hoisting the trophy in New York City, I will always believe that I’m watching the same movie on repeat.


  1. I attempted to read this, but I couldn’t get past the first paragraph before feeling ill.
    Santana needs a ring before being compared to Sabathia buddy.
    More importantly, Santana needs to pitch in, and win important, meaningful games before being compared to Sabathia…

    Pelfrey can hardly even pitch without falling on his ass and you’re comparing him to a phenom like Hughes?

    It’s really amazing to me how the Mets can be in last place in there division, behind the lowly Nationals, but a series win against the Yankees (who aren’t in the same league as the Mets) makes Met fans feel successful.
    We’ll see you in the Bronx pal….

  2. the whole point of the article was to tell mets fans to calm down…”Mets fan should keep their excitement in check.” That was in the first paragraph, basically because the Mets as is still stink. Not sure what your issue is.

    Hughes is a phenom? ok….right. don’t blink, but Pelfrey is on pace for 22 wins this yr!!

  3. Will stop writing about the stinkin mets and do some work!!!

    Nice article tho, and i agree with everything you said. Not sure what the first guy was all up in arms about. Its funny as a Yankee fan who has experienced so much winning, some are so easily offended.

    Im a big Phil hughes guy but im gonna reserve judgment on him until i see a full season. He’s had two rough outings back to back and its key for young pitchers to be able to respond.

    Mike Pelfrey looks every bit as good as hughes and has clearly matured into a very good major league pitcher.

    Im def lookin forward to getting redemption against the mutts in june. Remember the last time santana pitched at the stadium!?!?

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