Get Gilbert Arenas in a Knick Uniform

May 20, 2010

What me... worry?

What Arenas did was stupid and inconsiderate. Having a permit to carry a gun and owning guns is perfectly fine by me. However, bringing them to a facility where there is no good possible reason to have a weapon was plain moronic. He’s obviously, well hopefully has learned his lesson after serving his time.

The Wizards who have the services of Agent Zero for the next four years just won the draft lottery. My money is that they will be picking point guard phenom John Wall out of Kentucky. Wall is an amazing talent that can immediately contribute to the Wizards next season. He can play both guard positions just like Arenas and it may not make sense for the Wizards to keep the both of them. This means that Gilbert will probably be traded.

The problem is that there will not be many suitors for him, aside from his suspension last season and run in with the law, he has $80 million dollars owed to him over the next four seasons. This is a hefty price tag for a player who has had various injuries and will be turning 29 years old next January. Also, who knows what type of player will be returning after the suspension and drama he endured the past few months.

What we do know about Gilbert from his past play, is that he is a shooting assassin. He can break out at any point of the game and score in bunches,  especially in the fourth quarter. His jump shot extends past the three point line and he hits them with deadly accuracy. He is an excellent finisher at the basket and has above average ball handling skills.  The boy also plays great perimeter defense and he can play both the point and shooting guard positions.

He has career averages of 22.7 ppg, 7.2 apg, 4.2 rpg along with 1.2 steals per game.  He led the Wizards to three consecutive playoff appearances after his first year with the team and is most remembered for drilling a 40-foot jump shot in 2006 against the Cavaliers in the first round.

Essentially, Gil has the same issues that Latrell Sprewell had, and we know what Latrell did for the Knicks while he was here. Both have the same chip on their shoulders, they had to prove to the association, that at the end of the day the only thing that matters is basketball. Spree most definitely redeemed himself with the Knicks and Wolves before falling off the face of the planet. Now Gilbert has to do the same. It would be beneficial for both the Wizards orginazation and Arenas to severe ties and move forward. The Wizards will get a new combo guard in John Wall if they draft him and Gilbert can start from scratch in a new city.

That new city should be New York. Agent Zero will have no problem getting his fan base back and making himself relevant again at the Garden. New Yorkers love comeback kids and at this point we are thirsting for a revival on 7th avenue.

Pairing Arenas with another scorer and having the defense of Wilson Chandler could really help the Knicks next season. Especially if they are not going to be able to get 2 marquee free agents like Dwayne Wade or Lebron James.  They can possibly arrange a sign and trade for David Lee, but I wouldnt want to see the Wizards, an Atlantic division rival have the services of David Lee upfront with John Wall passing him the ball.

The move would be risky but the reward can give the Knicks a solid scorer and proven winner to help them lure Chris Paul or Carmelo Anthony when they become free agents in the summer of 2011.

So Ernie, if you’re reading, give Donnie a call and lets make a deal. You know you still love New York.


  1. I agree with this…as a Jets fan, off-field issues have never stopped me from wanting to obtain talented players.

  2. word aap

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