NBA Draft Lottery is a joke

May 19, 2010

Last night the Washington Wizards earned the right to draft John Wall first overall via the Draft Lottery.  The Philadelphia 76’ers were the first runners-up and the lowly New Jersey Nets came in third.  Despite losing 70 games in embarrassing fashion, the Brooklyn-bound franchise can’t even reap the benefits of being the doormat of the NBA last season. 

I realize that teams have tanked games in the past and David Stern is trying to maintain credibility to the sport.  I also realize that a Kobe Bryant can affect a game of basketball more than Alex Ovechkin can affect a hockey game or Albert Pujols can affect a baseball game.   The number one pick in basketball might hold the most weight of any draft selection in sports.  Football, baseball, and hockey require so many other pieces than just one superstar.  But that doesn’t change the fact that the Nets got screwed last night. 

The main problem with the lottery is the team with the worst record only has a 25% chance of winning the damn thing.  That’s nonsense, and the process would have more credibility if the team with the worst record had a stronger chance of earning the number one pick.  I believe the Nets should have had at least a 50% chance of winning the thing, as 25% is simply a joke. 

Another issue I have with the system is the suspicion that the whole thing is fixed.  No fan knows for sure whether or not the Draft Lottery is rigged, but wouldn’t it be sensible to actually show the picking of the balls on television?  Certainly the NBA could still fix the selection, even with the drawing shown on television, but showing David Stern or whoever picking the balls out of that round globe would ease the suspicions a little bit. 

We all know this Draft Lottery is mainly done so the NBA can have a half-hour bonanza to earn more advertisement checks.  But one has to feel bad for the seven die-hard Nets fans out there who suffered through one of the worst seasons in history and now are stuck with Washington and Philly selecting ahead of them.


  1. cry me a river man!! lol.. the Knicks even though they trade most of them have not gotten a good lottery pick since Patrick Ewing! not sure if its rigged but it seems like it sometimes..the balls just bounce how they bounce dude..PAUSE the talent on the Nets does not represent their record.. 1 out of 3 aint bad at all.

    dude.. bball needs more than one superstar ask LBJ, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Carmelo… i do see your point, 1 player in bball can severely change the make of a team…

    also FUCK THE NETS!

    but overall a good post lol

  2. The only reason the Knicks even got Patrick Ewing was because the Lottery was fixed. Frozen envelopes…
    Another great post from Batman, but I have to agree with Jedi on…
    …Fuck The Nets!

  3. As compared to other superstars in other sports, a superstar in the NBA makes by far the most impact on his team.
    Having 1 superstar on your team in the NBA basically garauntees you a playoff spot and a chance.
    2 superstars wins championships.

  4. Think of it this way- a Quarterback is on the field for half the game, sometimes more sometimes less. A star baseball player gets 3-5 at bats per game…out of around 30-40 for a team. A star NHL player is on the ice at most one-third of the game.

    A star NBA player is on the court for around 40 minutes a game…out of usually 48 minutes. That is why I understand the reason for the system, I just think its incredibly flawed.

  5. lottery is fine! ahaha

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