Begging is never Flattering

May 10, 2010

Prolly not happening..but dude does look ill in an NY Jersey

The full court press to get Lebron to New York has officially begun.

In the words of my main man Russ Bengston via Twitter, “New York City shouldn’t have to pander. To use that ever-popular NBA phrase, it is what it is. You’re welcome if you come. If not? F**k you.”

Russ tweeted that earlier today, after two notable New York publications wrote pieces over the weekend begging Lebron James to make his way to New York come July 1st. Russ for those who don’t know, was a former editor for Slam Magazine back in the didday and can be currently found at NBA games tweeting some funny ass shit. Follow him @RussBengston.

First it was the Daily News on Saturday throwing LBJ fully clad in a Knick uniform on the cover, and including a piece on why he should make a move. Yesterday, the New Yorker Magazine posted reasons on why he should come to New York alongside an article congratulating the King and his second MVP crowning.

It would be great to see Lebron in a Knick uniform this fall, but the guy and the rest of the Cavs are in a heated playoff series with Boston and the last thing on his mind is free agency. Isn’t it a little pre-mature to be wooing him this early? The guy has Rajon Rondo and the rest of the veteran Celtic team to worry about before deciding on Cleveland, New York, Chicago or another free agency destination.

Flattery is one thing but riding this guy’s jock strap is totally uncalled for. The playoffs are hardly over and the Cavs have a very good shot at winning a championship this June.  It is very un-New York to basically beg for someone to play here. Did we forget where the hell we are from?

This is New York City for crying out loud! We are the epicenter of the world!!! We don’t beg, we sell!

If you want to be heard, seen or be a part of the “in” crowd, New York is where one wants to be. The only promotion we need is the cheap I love New York t-shirts that you can find at your local street vendor.

It’s pretty pathetic to see some of these towns publications beg for someone to come here, even if it’s a legend in the making. If Bill and Hillary can come here on their own accord, why can’t Lebron James?

Listen LBJ, I’ve never begged in my entire life and I’m not going to start anytime soon. I will however sell the shit out this city so well, that you’ll be wearing a Met fitted after your done reading this.

The Knicks have won two NBA championships, the Mets are winners of two World Series championships, the Rangers have four Stanley cups to drink out of, the Giants have seven NFL titles under their belt, the Jets have one NFL title, and your favorite baseball team the New York Yankees has 27 rings.

Yes, New York wins and we win a lot. Do you want more?

Imagine yourself on June 26th 2011, you’ve only had two hours of sleep but you feel as refreshed as anyone could at 7 in the morning. You’re woken by your Blackberry buzzing, and the 300 or so unread email and text messages waiting to be opened. You hear chanting outside your Westchester mansion, and there is a sea of orange and blue outside of your gate. The police are trying to do their best to keep the crowd from literally storming your front door. However there not there for crowd control, they are the motorcade that will be escorting you down to the financial district.

Earlier that morning, the 150 friends and family you flew in from Akron alongside Mike D’antoni and your team mates were partying like it was 1999. Your best friend Jay-Z shut the entire 40/40 club down for you and the rest of the Knicks to celebrate. DJ Clue is in the building spinning the latest music from Jay’s new album, and you’re still in awe from what just happened only a few hours before.

It should have been over in game 6; you and the Knicks were up 3-2 in the series after struggling to take one out of three in Salt Lake. The Garden was prepped for champagne popping and fireworks but the basketball gods were not.

The Jazz owned the best record in the league during the regular season and Jerry Sloan’s club went through a brutal 7 game series with the Oklahoma Thunder to win the West in the conference finals. The game like most of the series was reminiscent of the Knicks in 1994, hard fouls, scrappy play and defense.

With less than 10 seconds on the clock, Wilson Chandlers clutch free-throws gave the Knicks a one point lead and on the brink of a chip. Deron Williams however was not ready to go home just yet. A perfectly run screen and roll gave him just enough time to make a basket. His floater in the lane with .5 seconds left gave him a triple double for the evening, and gave the Jazz a win at the Garden tying the series at three a piece.

Game 7 would be in less than 48 hours.

In the most important game of your career, you single handedly wrote history and etched your name into the hallowed halls of Madison Square Garden. It was a back and forth until the middle of the 2nd quarter.  You came down the lane and threw down the most monstrous wind mill dunk the Garden faithful has ever seen, while drawing a foul on Carlos Boozer. Until that point you were playing horrendously, only having 8 points, 2 assists and 1 rebound.

You ended up finishing the half scoring 12 of the last 20 Knick points and headed into the third quarter with a two point lead. It was a lead that would never be relinquished. After back to back three point baskets from Danilo Gallinari in the fourth quarter, the Knicks assured their fans that the wait was over.

A championship banner would be going up into the rafters to give the New York Knickerbockers’ their third NBA championship title. A title that was last seen in 1970, 30 years prior to your arrival.

You poured in a performance for the ages, 39 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists.

Just like your idol Michael Jordan, you grabbed the Jim O’Brien trophy, lit up a stogey and tears streamed down your eyes.

Before accepting your NBA finals MVP award, you take the mic from David Sterns hand and yell,

“Thank you New York for welcoming me with open arms, this chip’ is for you. But y’all got to share this championship with Ohio too. AKRON, WE DID IT BABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!”

Just as the replay on Sports center comes to a close, you finish zipping up your orange and blue Nike warm-up and grab your camcorder. You walk outside to the crisp morning sun of June and the crowd you saw earlier has tripled in size. The chants of M-V-P increase as you make your way to a black tinted SUV.

The driver opens up the rear door and says, “Mr. James, your chariot to the canyon of heroes waits.”

You hop into the back seat and roll down your window. As the SUV rolls through the entrance of your gate, you reach out and dap up every hand possible before the driver signals you that it’s time to go. Just as your window closes, a fan raises up a sign that puts a grin on your face.

“Thank you Akron Ohio”

Just like C.C. said a couple of years ago, “there’s nothing like winning in New York”

Madison Square Garden, The Yankees, Jay-Z and most importantly the Canyon of Heroes. We are the heartbeat that pumps life into an entire country; we turn dreams into reality and turn stars into blazing hot super novas. One thing New Yorkers do is never forget were we come from, if you come here this summer we will never forget about your roots and what made you the player and man your are today.

This isn’t begging, this is selling.

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  1. Its lookin like Chicago now I guess for Lebron’s services…I agree tho that we shouldn’t beg for this guy but some pleading never hurt. Good post.

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