Back to reality? Thoughts on the Mets-Phillies series

May 3, 2010

Santana had the worst start of his career Sunday night

The Mets lost two of three to the Phillies over the weekend, after completing the best home-stand in franchise history.  A lot can be overlooked while the team is on cruise-control, and slumps, errors, and questionable decision-making can be swept under the rug as long as the team is winning.  The past two days, however, served as a potential warning sign for the Metropolitans moving forward. 

Simply put, Johan Santana was rocked Sunday night.  Sure some of the homeruns he gave up would have been fly ball outs in Citi Field, but there is no masking Santana’s lack of velocity and the inability to control his fastball.  In the biggest game of the Mets season and a day after Philadelphia’s ace threw a complete game shut-out, Johan Santana let his team and the fans down in a huge way.  I would be fine with chalking it up as a bad outing, as Santana had allowed 20 runs in 30 career innings in Citizens Bank Park BEFORE last night’s debacle.  Nonetheless, after back-t0-back surgeries on his knee and elbow, Johan’s inability to throw above 90 mph with his fast ball is something to look out for the rest of the season. 

And the fact that Santana walked the 90 year-old Moyer with the bases loaded is unforgivable. 

It was expected that Pelfrey would give up some runs sooner or later, as his 27 inning scoreless streak had to come to an end at some point.  While some reporters (*cough* Ken Davidoff) will spin it as another Pelfrey melt-down, any realist will see how the defense let down Big Pelf on Saturday.  Simply put again, Jose Reyes has to make that play which lead off the inning. 

Speaking of Jose Reyes, he cannot be hitting third for this team.  It doesn’t take a hitting coach to realize that Reyes’ swing has become long, “loopy” and completely out of whack.  While I won’t blame it solely on moving to the three-hole, Reyes’ strengths are best utilized in the lead-off spot.  With Jose batting third, Pagan and Castillo are now getting more at-bats per game than Reyes, Wright, Bay, Ike Davis, and Francouer. 

Does that make sense to anyone? 

And EARTH TO JERRY MANUEL:  Nobody cares that Fernando Tatis had good numbers against Jamie Moyer back in 1999 when he was injecting steroids into his ass.  There is no reason he should be in the lineup over Ike Davis.  Just as there is no reason Gary Matthews Jr. should be playing over Pagan.

A week ago, you (Jerry Manuel) said that “Coming out of spring we were able to give Gary Matthews Jr. a lot of at-bats consecutively, give him a couple of days here and there… Once the season starts you get that opportunity, but if there are no results you just go in a different direction.”

Matthews has just 5 hits in 41 plate appearances this year.  He has also struck out more than a third of the time.  So please Jerry, NO MORE GARY MATTHEWS JR.!

And no more Frank Catalanotto while you’re at it….

Winning nine of ten on the home-stand gave the Amazins a season that at 4-8 looked to be close to over. Any Mets fan would have signed up for 3 games over .500 on May 3rd.  Even after losing two of three to the Phillies, there is no reason for panic.  That is as long as the Metropolitans don’t struggle in Cincinnati.


  1. give reyes time…he basically hasnt played baseball in a year…
    but the santana thing is a bit scary… that fastball looks like batting practice…

  2. Agree with up above– Reyes it still basically in spring training..im not worried with his production if hes batting 1 or 3

    Pelf- bad games happen, dudes not superman…hes facing one of the best lineups in the NL..bound to happend

    Johan–whats a synonym for scary? this guys making me a nervous wreck..ive never seen him pitch like that in my life..it looks like hes thinking what he wants to throw but his body is not responding.. surgeries may have depleted him worse than we thought… hes a smart enough pitcher to be able to use some of his other stuff but he was only throwing the fastball and the change… im worried about Johan..maybe hes still recovering

    Jerry– I wasnt for the firing of Manuel just yet and Im still not for it…he still has this team and the players respect him..but dude.. how do you put in Matthews and Tatis in for the rubber game against your most heated rival?? Maybe Matthews but Tatis should have been on the bench.

    it was one series after we won 3 consecutive… offnese looked good starting pitching looked bad.. relief let 1 run score and that was in the 4th… Johan however is concerning.

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