In good company

April 28, 2010


David Wright became the youngest Mets player to record his 1,000 career hit

The Mets ascended into first place after sweeping a double-header from the Dodgers on Tuesday.  What a difference 10 days make as the Amazing’s were left for dead after a 4-8 start.  Now, the Metropolitans will attempt to complete a 9-1 homestand Wednesday afternoon before a trip to Philadelphia against the struggling Phil’s. 

I’ve been hard on a few Mets, but recently I really began to attack David Wright.  Once my favorite player, employee number 5 quickly plummeted into the front door of my dog house.  I described him to my peers as soft, overrated, and a shell of his 2006-2008 self.    You may have even heard me booing him loudly from my sofa at home. 

An apology is in order, as David has appeared to break out of his funk.   In game 2 of the double-dip yesterday, Wright recorded his 1,000 career hit and also has 143 homeruns in his 868 career games.  Only three players have recorded 1,000 hits for a New York based team in as few games while having as many homers as Wright- Babe Ruth (795 games, 255 home runs), Lou Gehrig (826 games, 165 home runs) and Joe DiMaggio (711 games, 173 home runs).

You may have heard of them….

If the Mets continue to perform like a first-place team, more apologies will be needed towards Luis Castillo, Jose Reyes, and maybe even Jerry Manuel (doubtful.)  I can promise, however, that I will never even blink an eye at Daniel Murphy’s image on television.   Simply put, I like Ike!

So let me get my first “I’m sorry” out of the way and congratulate David Wright on an incredible feat.  Only in baseball are there so many peculiar stats and records that people actually care about.


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