2 Cents on Day 1

April 22, 2010

A few quick thoughts on Day 1 of the 2010 Draft.  More after jump.

New time, same draft – The NFL tried to jazz things up by broadcasting the draft on primetime (7:30PM) during the week rather than the usual Saturday/Sunday afternoon slot.  Not a big deal to me, the draft was still long, and not really thrilling until your team was picking.  For me that was about an hour and half of Mel Kiper’s doo until the G-Men selected…more on that later.

Lackluster start –  I was real surprised at the number of O-lineman selected in the 1st round.  One QB (Bradford) in the 1st round?  interesting.

Good Scoops

Detroit Lions – They finally figured out that a WR isn’t the only way to build a team.  Picking up Suh and then swooping in at the bottom and picking up Jahvid Best (RB, California)

Dallas Cowboys – Adding another weapon in Dez Bryant to an already high octane offense is lethal.  As a Giants fan I was beside myself….until I realized #9 is still behind center and will find a way to choke.

Philadelphia Eagles –  I hate complimenting the opposition as a fan of  big blue, but tip your cap to the Eagles.  They have 5 of the top 100 picks, got rid of the serial bridesmaid in Donovan Mcnabb and started the Kevin Kolb era by drafting to their strengths, defense.  Brandon Graham with a fiesty Trent Cole on the other end will be dangerous.

Losers –

The verdict is still out on 1st round losers

You sure ’bout this?

NY Giants – Ok, when Rolando Mclain went 8th to Oakland (could Kirk Morrison be on the way here?) and CJ Spiller went 9th to Buffalo, I was hoping Jerry Reese would’ve pulled the trigger on Mike Iupati, the mammoth OG out of Idaho who swallows defenders whole.  Instead we took Jason Pierre-Paul out of South Florida.  While I can’t argue with this pick, it still does little to calm my concerns about this teams defensive needs.  And now what happens to #72?  TBC.

Buffalo Bills – While there’s no doubt that CJ Spiller is a  flat out stud, not sure if that’s exactly what Buffalo needed.  Last time I checked Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch were quite capable of carrying the football.  Now you can expect one of them to get released or traded and unless the Bills land a QB in the 2nd round, this team will remain weak.

Denver Broncos – Give credit to coach Josh Mcdaniels for trying to make up for trading one of the best wideouts in the game.  Coach was very active in the first round, wheeling and dealing picks and then picking up a Brandon Marshall clone in Georgia Tech’s Demaryius Smith.  But Tim Tebow?!  Don’t get me wrong, this could work, but I thought Jimmy Claussen and Colt Mccoy were better options here.  We’ll see if this pays off.

That’s it for tonight.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s coverage as TONY Sports will report live from Radio City!


One comment

  1. Think you missed one big-time winner. Seattle Seahawks. They got some great talent in the 1st rd and pulled off some big trades —Lendale white, Leon Washington.
    I love Okung, and Golden Tate.

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