How to get fired, by Jerry Manuel…Part 3

April 17, 2010


Raul Valdez let up a Grand-Slam, dooming the Mets in St. Louis


Jerry Manuel needs to be fired TODAY.  It’s bad enough to have an incompetent GM who possesses a LOSER’s mentality but Jerry Manuel proved Friday night he is just as moronic as Omar Minaya.  


The Mets lost 4-3 to the Cardinals, a game that you can pin SOLEY on the manager.  The day began even worse with Minaya proclaiming that he would be thrilled if the Mets won a game in St. Louis.  Not a sweep, not taking 2 of 3, but winning just one game.   It’s no wonder the Mets have been LOSERS for the past five years.  Can you imagine if Brian Cashman said that statement?  Or even if my boss told me that he would accept mediocrity?  How do you expect anyone to play/perform their best when their boss doesn’t even demand top performance?  I don’t care if the Mets are playing the Puerto Rico national team….the GM cannot accept winning just one game.  

When will Omar learn to just keep his f*cking mouth shut!?  It’s bad enough you (OmaR) can’t speak English and now you compound the situation with your stupidity?  Wow…. 

Back to Friday night’s game where Oliver Perez, making $12 million a year, pitched BRILLIANTLY.  After giving up a lead-off double in the first inning, and walking the next batter, Ollie miraculously induced a double-play ball from Albert Pujols and continued to dominate the Cardinals hitters there after.  It was something no Mets fan expected, but thanks to our “skipper” it all went to waste.  

In the bottom of the 7th, with the Mets up 1-0, the Cardinals had a man on first thanks to an infield single (should have been an error on Jacobs.)  The next batter bunted the runner over, and St. Louis had a runner on second with 1 out.  No time to panic, right?   NOPE.  Jerry Manuel then proceeded to take Oliver Perez out of the game at 97 pitches and after DOMINATING Albert Pujols and the Cardinals. 


The one time we get a GREAT pitching performance from the lefty and you decide to take him out of the game?   And to make matters worse, you (Jerry) bring in Fernando Nieve!?  

Nieve came in and hit a batter, then walked Matt Holliday to load up the bases with 1 out and the Mets clutching to a 1-0 lead.  Manuel finally makes a right move and gets that bum Nieve out of the game, and with a chance to redeem himself brings in…..RAUL VALDES!!!! 

Raul Valdes, a 32 year-old rookie who no other team wanted.  Two pitches later, grand slam….Cardinals lead  4-1.  

I can’t take this shit anymore.  I actually liked Jerry, and thought nobody could be worse after we (Mets fans) had to suffer through Willie Randolph.  But I’m done with this clown.  It’s bad enough that Omar Minaya assembled a bunch of bums and now Jerry has to make matters worse.  I’d be fine with losing with our best players out there but instead Manuel trusted a journey-man starter and a 32 year-old rookie to get out of a jam.  

It’s amazing how one game can just perfectly sum up Jerry Manuel’s tenure as Mets manager.  The night ended with Luis Castillo, Omar and Jerry’s biggest blunder, grounding softly to short stop with the Mets down 4-3 and a chance to tie it with a runner on second.  

I didnt’ even touch on Manuel continuing to bat Mike Jacobs ahead of Jeff Francouer.  How many times last night did Jacobs come up in a key situation when Frenchy and his .450 batting average were just left in the on-deck circle to watch Jacobs whiff?  In case the “OG” hasn’t noticed, Jacobs is batting .150!!!! 

Jerry Manuel does not have the brain to coach a Major League baseball team.  Willie Randolph hasn’t been able to get a manager’s job after we canned him and I guarantee nobody will hire Jerry after he is gone.  

When will the Mets put a real GM and a real manager in place?


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