Vanglorious’ Fantasy Corner: Volume 3

April 16, 2010




Vanglorious and TONY Sports would like to apologize ahead of time to any reader insulted by this post.  I run the risk of upsetting some people out there who may have some of my “overrated” players cemented in their rosters.  However, debating player value is what makes this hobby as fun and interesting as it is.  If you disagree feel free to voice your justifications for your player and if you agree, of course, feel free to say so as well.


Chris Coghlan- OF- Florida Marlins: Owned in 83% of ESPN Leagues

A lot of people snagged Coghlan swiftly in this years Fantasy Baseball drafts citing his .321 batting average and stellar second half last year.  Unfortunately for Coghlan’s owners, he was the beneficiary of a vastly inflated hit rate during that time, which has now predictably come back down to earth.  I think its time to temper expectations.


Mike Napoli- C- Los Angeles Angels:  Owned in 67% of ESPN Leagues

Napoli is one of the most frustrating players out there.  Last year he gave glimpses of what he could do with more AB’s.  With Vlad on the DL a lot last year, Napoli got to start games at both catcher and DH in 2009 and he put up some big numbers, outperforming a lot of higher ranked catchers (including Geovanny Soto…..HE’S DEAD TO ME!).  Unfortunately when Vlad came back Napoli went back to splitting time at catcher with Jeff Mathis.  Mathis being in the picture equals low AB’s for Napoli and therefore keeps him from getting into an offensive rhythm.  As much as i love the guy’s offensive skills (1.023 OPS against lefties in 2009), he’s simply worthless in 12 team H2H leagues unless Mathis somehow disappears or Matsui gets injured.


B.J. Upton- OF- Tampa Bay Rays:  Owned in 100% of ESPN Leagues

Upton’s still young and still has plenty of time to get his career back on track, but last season was quite obviously a step in the wrong direction.  With the torn labrum in his shoulder supposedly repaired, his batting average declined by more than 30 points and his OPS by nearly 100.  He can still swipe 40 bases, but he’s no guarantee to hit for power or a high batting average.  Granted, there’s a chance he might have just needed more time to recover from the surgery, but he’s been drafted as if that’s a given.  That early in the draft, I’d rather have the sure numbers of an Andre Ethier or a Jayson Werth.


Nyjer Morgan- OF- Washington Nationals:  Owned in 96% of ESPN Leagues

Morgan is another beneficiary of an inflated hit rate last year, in addition he can’t hit lefties.  That doesn’t bode well for his on-base percentage which in turn may affect his only (and I repeat only) value category, stolen bases.  Add that to the fact he plays for the lowly Nat’s and you have a player I’d be hard pressed to add to my roster.  Even if I really needed steals to win a H2H week, I’d probably punt the category rather than have Morgan on my roster racking up O’s in all other categories while sprinkling a steal here and there.


James Loney- 1B- Los Angeles Dodgers:  Owned in 97% of ESPN Leagues

Loney had a good year in 2007.  It seems this has convinced some fantasy GM’s that Loney is still that 2007 player or else his breakout and return to fantasy production is just around the corner.  I know this is fantasy baseball (and it’s always nice to dream), but the cruel reality is that Loney is losing (or has lost) whatever power he had in 2007 at a position where power is a necessity.  His true identity is that of a mediocre contact hitter who typically hits grounders for average (a poor man’s Todd Helton…..2010 Todd Helton).  STAY AWAY FROM LONEY! 






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