Leon Washington Signs $1.8 Million Tender

April 15, 2010

The Multi-Purpose Jet returns for 2010-2011

Jets GM Mike Tannebaum announced today that Leon Washington has signed his RFA tender today for close to $1.8 million smacker-roos. The Florida State alumni’s season was prematurely cut short after suffering a broken fibula and tibia in Oakland last year.

He recently began running three weeks ago and is on an extensive rehabilitation to strengthen his legs.  He has still yet to run laterally or cut the way he is accustomed to.

He plans on joining the team for their training camp in Florahm Park New Jersey, which will be aired on the HBO series Hard Knocks.


  1. Leon won’t be the same this season. In my opinion (Dr. YourMom), he’ll need at least this entire season to get back to the explosive, all-purpose threat he was.

    By the way Lucas, You workin Saturday? …You’re not workin Saturday!

  2. i dunno Dr Yourmom… he’s working really hard.. i think he’ll be able to contribute as long as his legs are strong…. btw Rockets got a job for ya!!

  3. Leon will be fine considering he won’t be asked to do much.

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