Heartbreak Kid..Mets Lose 4th Straight

April 15, 2010

Rookie Mistake cost Mets Win

Chris Ianetta of the Colorado Rockies hit a walk off home run to seal a Rockies win in extra innings last night at Coors Field.

Rookie relief pitcher Jennry Meijia was down 2-1 in the count in the bottom of the tenth inning, when he threw a fast ball that sailed over the left center field fence sending the Mets to their fourth consecutive loss. It was a tough situation for the neophyte out of the Domincan Republic, after the Mets failed to bring in a run when Mike Jacobs reached base on a broken bat double to start the inning.

The Mets rallied from behind during a span when the so far very solid bullpen pitched four scoreless innings. They however failed to score  with runners in scoring position, going a pathetic 1 for 12 for the game.

At 2-6 to start the season, the Mets may look to be out of the race come June if they keep faltering at the plate and the rotation continues to be shaky. John Niese had a rocky start over five innings but still better than the performance from John Maine the night before, when he surrrendered run after run in three innings of play.

Niese gave up five runs on nine hits last night with a three-run homer  in the third, which marked the third straight game the Mets starting rotation has let up at least five earned runs.

Jeff Francouer continued his torrid hitting with a solo home run to give the Mets the lead 1-0 to start the game, and David Wright hit his second homer of the season with a two-run blast after only hitting 10 last year.

The Mets continue their road trip today against the Rockies at 3:10 EST.



  1. Why is it that every move Manuel makes just doesnt work out? Why did Tatis pinch run for Jacobs, when Cora is faster? We were then left with Cora facing a lefty in another crucial situation. Makes ZERO sense. I hate Tatis, but hes still a better hitter than Alex Cora, who btw is making 2 million dollars. Unreal….

    And what the fuck is Mejiia doing in the majors? Dude is 20 yrs old and has never even pitched in AAA. And now we’re turning him into a reliever? In case Minaya hasn’t noticed, we need some starting pitching….

    And can Ike Davis be any worse than Mike Jacobs at first? The whole organization is clueless…

  2. i mean we can sit here and play the blame game all day on what the manager does or what management does.. i mean i specifically remember when we were both calling for willies end and it only helped a little bit.. meijia showed some quality stuff in spring training and i believe did not give up any runs.. hes a good pitcher but at the end of the day he is 20 and its what his 3rd maybe 4th appearance? I cant fully blame this kid.. Jacobs who is not hitting the broad side of a barn gets on base with a damn double with 1 out and no one can bring this guy in???? the bullpen was close to phenomenal during the rally and gave the O every change to win that game last night… i still dont know why Ike is in the minors..guy needs to be brought up now because there is no run production on this squad.. Jose is still getting in game shape and Beltrans out… David Wright is not the leader we expected him to be but he did hit that 2 run shot..thing is theres no one hitting behind him or after him that opposing pitchers are worried about… the starting rotation is finished..Maine looks a shell of his former self and i dont understand why he pitches at the 2 spot.. its gonna be a long season bro.. but we have to hold some of these players accountable on the leagues 2nd highest payroll

  3. It is ultimately the players fault…actually its minayas fault. But when the team is not performing the moves of the manager become that more glaring and Jerry messed up BIG TIME last night.

    The bullseye is getting bigger, and its a shame bc im going to miss jerry. My favorite Mets manager since Bobby V.

    Mejiia looked good in spring training but if hes not going to be a starter in the big leagues please send him to AAA. Middle-relievers are a dime a dozen for the most part and its clear we need starting pitching.

    Minaya can’t even speak english in a pres-conference let alone compose a winning team.

  4. Jerry Manuel just isn’t built to be a major league manager, actually I don’t think he’s built to be a manager at Denny’s.
    He must have some brains in order to get the job in the first place, but I’m still waiting to see those brains in action.
    Speaking of brains, him and Manaya better start hookin up the Wilpons some “brains” or their lucky to still have jobs by June.
    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I don’t care what needs to be given up, the Mets need to snag Adrian Gonzalez and Bronson Arroyo by the All-Star break to have any Post-Season hopes.

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