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April 13, 2010

Will one come or none at all?

Truth be told, the only superstars we may have next season might be Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler. At least two players with star potential, well maybe Danilo.

Gallo finished the season finale at the Garden strong, he had 24 points all in the second half. He helped the Knicks erase a 10 point deficit in the final quarter lifting the Knicks 114-103 over the equally abysmal Washington Wizards.

The Knicks wrap up their season in Toronto tomorrow and will complete their second straight 50+ losing season. The last time the Knickerbockers won a playoff series was in 2000. Since then, the Giants made two Superbowl appearances, the Mets went to the playoffs twice, the Jets went to the AFC championship game and the Yankees won a World Series title. The Rangers who share the building with the Knicke also have been to the promised land twice in that span.

I’m not going to bore you with any more rhetoric about the Knicks because frankly, I’m sick of writing about it. However, I will let you know who will be here next year barring any trades and what free agents will be available come July 1st.

Knicks signed on for next season:

Danilo Gallinari- SG/SF

Wilson Chandler- SG

Toney Douglas- PG

Eddy Curry- C

Bill Walker- SG

2010 Free Agent Class

Hawks- Joe Johson- SG

Cavs- Lebron James- SF

Heat- Dwayne Wade- SG

Raptors- Chris Bosh- C

Celtics- Ray Allen- SG

Bobcats- Raymond Felton- PG

Clippers- Drew Gooden- PF


  1. LMAO at Eddy Curry.

    The Rooster could have a monster season next year just being a spot up three-point shooter. With two “star” players in the fold, they will demand attention freeing up Gallinari to just nail shots.

  2. Gallo may be better than just a shooter, hes got some tenacity and drives to the basket..im just hoping he has super star potential..next season it looks will better than last.

    • Superstar potential? That’s a stretch.
      I say fuck all this hype and bullshit, I don’t want Bosh, keep the unsung hero D Lee aka “Mr. 37, 21 and 10” (I assure you Chris Bosh will never put up those numbers)
      If we don’t win the Lebron sweepstakes, I’m fine with watching another 20-30 game winning team next year and then throwing the entire bank at Kevin Durant in 2011. HES A BEAST!

  3. yeah i knew it was a stretch..but the potential is there… i’m not too crazy about D Lee for max dollars… hes unfortunately not the player that can take us to the next level.. cant give max money to a role player.. durant is not going anywhere..hes gonna win some rings in OKC

  4. Gallo will be good, superstar? no. If the knicks can get carlos boozer or chris bosh, david lee? see ya. not a guy you build around. not a guy that can carry a team. double double machine? no doubt, but when he does shit else, he’s replaceable.

    Kevin Durant will be a Thunder for life.

    In the end, the Knicks will not get bosh, lebron, d wade or joe johnson. I see Bosh either going to miami or chicago.

    The biggest move this year will be the signing of Chris Mullin, who will take over for Donnie Walsh, and fire Mike D’phony after the knicks dont make the playoffs next year.

  5. We will really see what D Lee is made of this off-season. Will he be like 99% of players and take more money to be on a lesser team? Or will he sacrifice a few million to play on a contender (hopefully the Knicks.) Even if the Knicks get say Bosh and Wade (wishfull thinking) they will still need 10 other players. And Lee could be one of those 10.

    If Lee really wants to be a Knick, then he’ll be back next season.

  6. good point Will..if he wants to be a Knick he will be back next season… there was no max dollars or close to that presented to him last season and I dont think he will see anything this year… the guys worth 5-8 mill a year plus

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