Jedi versus Quentin Richardson at the Garden

April 12, 2010

D Lee takes a free throw while T-Mac and D Wade lurk in the background

Midtown traffic on a Sunday is fucking brutal.  Making it to the Garden to sit courtside one row away from the Heat bench, and irritating Quentin Richardson..PRICELESS.

I used to go to Knick games and make sure that I was at least a half hour there before tip-off. Last night was the only time I was ever late to  to the Garden for a game, and it was because of stupid West Side Highway traffic and a surprise call from fellow T.O.N.Y contributor Chauncey Black, saying that T.O.N.Y sports had exclusive tickets to the Sunday night battle between old rivals.

Before I even made it to my seat I was already screaming at the top of my lungs. As soon as I sat down and realized I was four feet away from the Heat bench, I was yelling at Quentin Richardson and dogging him about his dramatic weight loss from last season.

I mean come on Q, you come to the Knicks looking like the Stay Puft marshmallow man and then get traded about 20 times in one day over the summer,  and end up on the Heat losing close to 30 pounds?

Why couldn’t you have that type of dedication when you were playing for the Knicks? Did you realize that your talent is sub-par at best and no one wanted your services because you were a fat overpaid athlete? Or was it that your best season, was on a team full of shooters and you got the most wide open shots out of all them?

If we were on the Knicks side, there would have been more heckling

Typical spoiled athlete if I’ve ever seen one. Only dedicate yourself when its a contract year or when you realize finally that your talent isn’t as big as your mouth. I used to like Quentin, he played terrific defense especially on Lebron James. I wonder what could have been if he came to the Knicks in his best shape. Could he have been a better shooter, ran the floor better and be more agile? Dare I say maybe the Knicks could of won a few more games?

What a sick loser.

So my spews of hate and heckle where aimed directly at Quentin Richardson last night. Everyone else on the team I pretty much like, from Dwayne Wade all the way to head coach Erik Spoelstra.

Two minutes into the third quarter my heckling began, “attention, attention, whoever is on Quentin Richardson dunk on him!!”

“I repeat, whoever Quentin Richardson is guarding take him to the hole!!”

In front of me were about three to four Heat players chuckling, most noticeably Carlo Arroyo. When I saw that he was visibly laughing at my antics I shouted, “Carlos you like that right?”

He nodded his head in approval.

It was pretty crazy how close we were, so close that everyone on the Heat bench including the players on our side of the court heard what I was saying.

A time-out was called before the end of the third and Quentin made his way to the bench, literally a loogie away facing me.

“hey Q, wassup with a pair of Jordans?”

For some odd reason Quentin Richardson is sponsored by Jordan Brand and always has a pair of fresh player exclusives on. Last night he was wearing a pair of black and red Team Jordans accented in yellow.

He looked at me and responded, “why are you even talking to me?”

I was shocked and caught off-guard at the same time. He was clearly irritated and knew that I was responsible for the taunts and heckles aimed towards him. I had no idea that he was going to even acknowledge my question and all I could say was, ” I don’t even know why I’m talking to you, but wassup with those J’s though?”

It was a moment that I will always talk about, I heckled Quentin Richardson court-side at Madison Square Garden and he actually got pissed off about it. It was classic folks, CLASSIC!

Knicks of the Past

The third quarter came to a close and by the fourth like the Knicks team, I lost interest in the entire game and was just watching Dwayne Wade catch and one’s on every move he made to the basket. Q Rich got benched never returning to the game and quickly exited when the horn sounded.

Heckling aside, the Knick lost 111-98. Dwayne Wade hit for 32 points and David Lee contributed 26 points, in which can possibly be his last Sunday game at the Garden in a Knick uniform. He will be an unrestricted free agent this summer. Earl Barron’s 10-day contract expires today but the Knicks will sign him for the remainder of the season which ends on Wednesday. Donnie Walsh will likely bring the former D-League player for the minimum next season.



  1. Good shit Lucas! Q Rich is a bum and in glad yo hear you got under his bitch ass skin.
    He’ll be back to being a fat loser once he gets paid.

  2. yo SF it was hilarious bro

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