How to get fired, by Jerry Manuel….Part 2

April 12, 2010

The Mets failed to score a run against Cy-Young favorite Livan Hernandez

A bulls-eye was eventually going to be marked on Jerry Manuel and his job security.  On Sunday, the skipper jump started the process. 

Last week Jerry Manuel began to dig his own grave by erroneously fiddling with the lineup and not using his time wisely in Spring Training.  On Sunday, he practically put the nail in the coffin.  After Johan Santana let up a Grand Slam in the first inning yesterday, and the Mets were not able to muster any runs against Livan “The Great” Hernandez, Manuel said the following:

“Today’s game was not a good game for us,” stated Manuel.  “I thought we appeared unprepared, and I have to take responsibility for that.”

Just six games into the season, Manuel admitted that his life-less Mets team was not ready to play.  Even with their ace on the hill, in the first Sunday home-game of the season, “The Amazings” could not get up for the game.  Behind the statement was a clear shot at his players and how they haven’t performed up to their abilities at all this week.  Manuel senses danger lurking, and was no longer willing to play the nice-guy role.

6 games of a baseball season is like a bread basket in a 7 course meal.  It’s just something to wet the appetite, but 1 week into 2010 the Mets are already 3 games behind the Phillies.  Furthermore, New York now embarks on a 6-game road trip that includes stops in Denver and St. Louis, and will then come home to face the Cubs, Braves, and Dodgers. 

The Phillies, already at 5-1, open a three-game home stand today against the Nationals. 

Memorial Day looked like a fair barometer to judge Jerry Manuel and his job with the Mets.  Now it’s looking like the “OG” won’t last past April.



  1. the OG..hahahahaha..bring Bobby V back asap

  2. Yes, Bobby V is a great manager. Took a nothing Mets team to the WS in 2000.

    But to be fair, this is Omar’s fault more than Manuel’s.

  3. agreed… cant be losing to Livan and the Nats like that.. you you see that article on ESPN about Johan?

    • nope, didnt see it.

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