The Mirage of Free Agency 2010

April 9, 2010

Going to the Knicks??..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


All in all the Knicks got under the cap for July 1st. Will it be enough to land a marquee player, and get this once respectable franchise out of the mud? 

Time will tell and so far no good. 

Lebron James has made every indication possible that he will be staying in Cleveland until he brings them a chip. The most telling evidence of him returning is the new Nike deal he signed that does not have a NYC clause. It was great to dream about number 6 flying through the Garden in the blue and orange, but he’ll be only doing that once a year in a Cavs throwback jersey. 

Speaking of throw back jerseys, where the hell is the Knicks one? They seem to be the only team that does not wear a retro, and they definitely need to refresh the fans memory of the good ol’ days. 

Speaking of style, I have to give some style points to Mike D’antoni…joking. He actually may be the worst dressed coach in the league next to Donnie Nelson and his turtlenecks. 

Is Chris Bosh just a taller David Lee? Theres so much speculation of him signing with either us or Miami but what does the guy really bring to the table? He’s not had any success in the playoffs and he’s not a great shot blocker and also has ZERO swag about him. Plus his predator hair-do  is so Allen Iverson circa 2001. 

Flash..wait, is anyone calling D Wade Flash anymore? Dude is a beastly maniac on the court and proved all the haters wrong after rebounding from a countless amount of injuries the past 2 seasons.. Yeah he cheated on his wife, but what guy wouldn’t with millions of dollars and South Beach as his backyard. Plus his wife caught an STD from another dude and tried to blame him..WTF?? 

I’m praying we at least get this guy, as we need a versatile wing to play with young bucks T Douglas and Danilo Gallinari. I like Wilson Chandler but dude seems to get hurt every year down the stretch plus he’s mad passive. The Knicks need some attitude and Dwayne “without the flip-up glasses ” Wade can  be that dude. 

Where the hell did Earl Barron come from? 

He actually won a ring with the Miami Heat as a scout player, he was never on the bench but Pay Riley made sure he got one of those boulder sized ring blings for being a stand up guy. He’s 28 years old and has bounced from Europe, to Asia, the D-League and was recently cut from the Hornets.  I like his versatility and he should be resigned cause he fits perfect in D’anphony’s offense, well at least until he starts questioning his motives and gets buried on the bench or worse bought out. (see Stephon Marbury, Nate Robinson, Chris Duhon, Darko Milicic, Eddy Curry etc etc) 

So the Knicks notched their 50th loss last  night..AWESOME.. I’m popping a bottle of water tonight to celebrate. Damn I miss Patrick Ewing. 

No time to reminisce, I’m close to being canned for blogging too much and not doing my real job..whatever that is. 

PEACE…I’m out like the 2 days of summer we just had.

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