I Like Ike

April 8, 2010

He's Ready

The Mets have gone 0 for 10 with runners in scoring position the last two games against the Marlins. First baseman Mike Jacobs has gone 1 for 13 for the series. Even when Jose Reyes comes back from the DL he will need someone to drive him home.

Phenom first baseman, Ike Davis who was left in Florida after starter Daniel Murphy went down went 3 for 3 today in a AAA game.

What is management waiting for? Lets at least try to compete this season instead of just throwing it away.



  1. You’re forgetting that Daniel Murphy is the next Don Mattingly!!! lol

  2. fire this entire management team asap and gear up for 2011

  3. RELAX!!!! Its been 3 games! Yankees 1-4 hitters went 2-36 with RISP in three games!!! When Carlos and Jose return, this team will be good. Just need to get 1 more pitcher…

  4. In fairness its been 327 games counting back to the beginning of the 2008 season and nothing has changed.

  5. ^^^you already know WG

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