How to get fired, by Jerry Manuel

April 8, 2010

Jerry Manuel may not see the light of day for much longer

Let me state briefly that I think Manuel is a decent manager and will probably end up getting a raw deal when he is fired mid-season because of Omar Minaya’s ineptitude.  Jerry is likeable, has the respect of the players, and most of the time has a grasp of the team.  

That being said, just two games into 2010 Jerry is beginning to dig his own grave. 

I won’t waste time nit-picking everything from last nights tough loss to the fish, but will mention how Jerry Manuel has zero testicles.  Fernando Tatis, after getting thrown out at the plate with the bases loaded and your best player at bat (Wright), should never step foot on the field again.  Probably a little harsh, but a week on the bench should be the minimal punishment for such a bone-headed move. 

What does Jerry do, however?  He states after the game that Tatis will start at first base Thursday night in the rubber-game against the Marlins.  Unbelievable….

Last year the Mets committed a tremendous amount of blunders in the field and on the basepaths but the mistakes were lost in the fold because of the insane amount of injuries.  While those injuries certainly were the main reason the Mets finished 20 games under .500, Jerry did not do a great job of managing with what he had.  Even if Ramon Hernandez is not capable of hitting 20 home runs and batting .320, he still should be taught how to effectively get back to first base on a line out.  There were also other incidents in ’09 that showed the lack of fundamentals, and Tatis’ egregious mistake was just a continuation of the problem. 

Playing without Reyes and Beltran is like the Yankees playing without Jeter and Texeria, and the Phils playing without Rollins and Utley.  Not trying to compare individual players, but you get the point.  It’s to be expected that the Mets could struggle offensively without their star short stop and center fielder, but of course Manuel has to make matters worse with his moronic lineup.  I guess you can say it began the first week in spring training when Jerry wanted to bat Reyes in the three-hole.  I mean, you can’t get any dumber than that.  Manuel’s stupidity has continued into the regular season by giving Mike Jacobs, Alex Cora, and Luis Castillo more at-bats than Jason Bay, Jeff Francouer, and Angel Pagan. 

Pagan isn’t even in the starting lineup, which is another error by the skipper. 

It doesn’t take a great baseball mind to know that Gary Matthews is not better than Angel Pagan.  The former Angel is not a better defender, nor is he a bigger offensive threat, so starting him over Pagan makes zero sense.  To mitigate the situation, Manuel told reporters that he likes how Cora and Castillo fit at the top of the order, and Pagan would be used as a lead-off hitter so he currently does not fit in the lineup. 

I guess Jerry is really enamored with Cora’s .320 on-base percentage and feels that if lead-off hitters bat anywhere else in the lineup the entire planet will explode. 

Manuel then exacerbated the situation by stating he would use the first month of the season to evaluate the best option for center field in wait of Beltran’s return. 

“Right now I’m going to give them the opportunity to play with some consistency and then evaluate. And then see what’s the best for us.”

Apparently a month-long evaluation process known as spring training wasn’t enough for Jerry.  Way to use the time wisely.

Not only was the center field job not settled in spring training, the bullpen is still a mess as well.  Last night Manuel brought in a lefty Takahashi to face three right-handed batters in the top of the 10th.  The result?….Marlins scored a run and went on to win the game.   Great move, Jerry….

2010 was supposed to be a new year for the Mets, but it would be foolish of anyone to expect a change from the disappointment that dominated the past decade.  Not only are Mets fans treated to poor starting pitching, laughable middle-relief, and lack of clutch hitting, they also get to watch Mike Jacobs get more at-bats than Jason Bay and Luis Castillo get more RBI chances than Jeff Francouer. 

Omar Minaya deserves to be the first one out the door, but Jerry could be right behind him.



  1. were toast

  2. Lowest attendance in citi field’s history last night…fans are not happy.

  3. […] Last week Jerry Manuel began to dig his own grave by erroneously fiddling with the lineup and not using his time wisely in Spring Training.  On Sunday, he practically put the nail in the coffin.  After Johan Santana let up a Grand Slam in the first inning yesterday, and the Mets were not able to muster any runs against Livan “The Great” Hernandez, Manuel said the following: […]

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