Bounding’ Barron

April 7, 2010

D Leagure for 2 years?? WOW!

Is it me or does KG aka Big Ticket look like a slug when he moves laterally? The Kid looked like an old man on crutches out there trying to guard my new favorite Knick Earl “Boundin” Barron.

Earl Barron is the Knicks new seven foot experiment hailing from the University of Memphis. He was undrafted and bounced from Turkey to Italy, the Philippines and the D-League before being signed by Donnie Walsh. He did however have a stint on the Miami Heat where he won a ring with Shaq and Flash.

Theres nothing to imposing about him, he’s a svelte seven footer with a body reminiscent of Chris Bosh when he was at Georgia Tech. He’s not the power big man of years past, but the kid has tenacity and a nose for the ball. He dogged the Boston front court last night at his Garden debut, pulling down 18 rebounds,  8 of them being on the offensive end.

He also dropped 17 points on 8 for 13 shooting, dropping smooth baby jumpers from 12 feet out. He seems more comfortable shooting off of screen rolls as he never displayed a post up game against KG and Kendrick Perkins.

He used his high basketball IQ and hustle to scrap for loose balls and he placed himself perfectly in the paint for missed shots.

Barron started at center and let D Lee play his natural position at power forward, where he contributed 13 points and 11 rebounds.

If Earl doesn’t turn out as a fluke he looks to be the center of the future for the Knicks come next season. Keeping him for a minimal cost can help the Knicks retain David Lee and give them a nice 1-2 combination up front. Its a bit early to see how this experiment would work but so far so good.


  1. Im always weary of young players who excel in meaningless games when the team is out of contention. I watched alittle of the Knicks last night and he looked impressive but I don’t see Barron contributing next season. Altho retaining Lee would be a plus but only for the right money.

  2. hes not that young hes 28 years old and has a wealth of basketball experience… if a 7 foot center can contribute what he did last night against one of the best teams in the east with a imposing front court of KG and Perkins.. hes gotta have some type of skill..the C’s needed that game last night to tie Atlanta for third in the east, it was very competetive to say the least… David Lee is no doubt a good player but hes limited in what he can do.. hes going to put the numbers he puts up cause hes the best player on the team.. he is no way a go to guy for scoring, he seems to fit best as a 2nd or 3rd option..and i agree we cannot overpay for his services..he needs to play pf and let a true center play alongside him to show off his true skills..

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