The ref’s: Duke’s 6th man

April 6, 2010

Last night the country witnessed an incredible national title game, complete with clutch shots, lead changes, runs, and favorable calls towards Duke.  As I woke up this morning and turned on Sportscenter, the first words I heard were of Dick Vitale crying about people hating on the Duke Blue Devils.  For about three minutes, Dukey V rambled about how even though “Duke does everything right,” fans and the media continue to take shots at the program and root against these true “student athletes.” 

I almost threw up in my mouth. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I cannot stand Duke.  Part of it has to do with the school being perennial winners and having one of the elite programs in college basketball.  I guess it’s human nature for most to root against those that are on top.  It’s part of the reason fans hate the Lakers, despise the Yankees, and curse the day Roy Williams came to Tobacco road.  But all throughout this year’s tournament, we saw another reason that I, along with others, hate the Duke Blue Devils.   Not only were Butler, Baylor, and West Virginia competing against Kyle Singler, Lance Thomas, and Jon Scheyer, these schools also had to contend with the officials. 

I normally hate when people blame the referee’s for a game’s outcome, but it’s blatantly obvious that Duke gets every single f*cking call.  I mean, how many times can Zoubek flop before he finally gets called for a blocking foul?  For whatever reason the refs are afraid to call anything against Duke in a crucial situation.  Last time I checked hand checking was illegal, but that’s a staple of Duke’s defense. Last night wasn’t even the worst of it, as the Baylor and West Virginia games were even more conclusive of the bias towards Duke. 

As Bob Huggins put it while consoling an injured Da’Sean Butler, “I guess they never foul.”

There is also the man behind the wheel known as Coach K, who is either someone you love or hate.  I can’t stand the guy, mainly because he looks like a sewer rat and watching him pace the sidelines moaning to the officials reminds me of a rodent stuck in a mouse-trap. I also  find it odd that Krzyzeski refuses to do half-time interviews and leaves the task to his assistant Chris Collins.   I also lose respect for him every time he attacks a journalist during a post-game interview. 

My hate towards Duke also increased after they were basically given a free-pass to the Final 4. 

While the ref’s bias towards Duke is probably the oldest complaint in college basketball, I felt the need to mention it as a brief response towards Dick Vitale.  I didn’t even speak onVitale’s man-crush towards Coack K and how it feeds into my hatred. It’s one thing to have a hidden bias towards Duke, but when you orgasm on national TV everytime Scheyer takes a charge it makes me want to break my TV. Yes Dick, Duke has a great program and their players 99% of the time represent themselves in a positive way.  But if you remove your Duke blinders for just a second, you’ll see why they are the most hated team in college basketball.



  1. refs blew this game for Butler… Nored got fouled by Zoubeck on that air ball by I believe by Scheyer..he should have been on the line to tie it or take the lead

  2. all in all dope ass game though

  3. wow. def disagree. WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Butler lost this game because they went without a FG for 6 minutes and were out-rebounded by nearly double the margin. Don’t make excuses. Yeah, I’ve seen Duke get its fair share of calls, but you missed the boat on this one. Duke outplayed Butler. Period.

  4. Not sure if your comments were directed at me or Luke (or both) but I wasn’t implying Duke only won because of favorable calls. Should have added that in my post.

    But Zoubek last night was allowed to throw people around without any consequence.

    And Duke did not outrebound Butler by double the margin. In fact, they only had four more rebounds (36 vs. 32.)

    • They held the Bulldogs to 34 percent shooting, hit clutch shots, including Singler’s 3-for-6 effort from 3-point range and 6 of 6 from the free throw line in the second half. My b about the rebounding, but it was Duke who out rebounded Butler in the second half, 14-7.
      Not sure if you remember a key call that went to Butler, when Howard took a charge on Singler, which easily could have been called a blocking foul. That was with about 1:30 left. That called changed the momentum, but Butler couldn’t hit the big shot down the line.

  5. too bad no duke players will have any impact on the nba


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