The Rivalry Kicks Off The 2010 Season

April 3, 2010

Sunday night the 2010 Major League season gets underway, and baseball’s fiercest rivals begin the action when the Boston Red Sox host the World Champion, New York Yankees.  The pitching match-up features C.C. Sabathia for New York, and Boston’s Josh Beckett.

In 2009 the match-up went back and forth with the Red Sox getting the early edge in late April.  Kevin Youkilis started the season series off with a walk-off “dinger” in the bottom of the 11th and that began a streak of 8 straight Boston wins.  There were several definable moments from those games including a Jason Varitek grand slam the very next day, followed by Jacoby Ellsbury’s incredible feat with his steal of home plate (off lefty pitcher, Andy Pettitte) just a few days later.  In early June a bonehead play in left field by Johnny Damon gave the Sox yet another win.  At that point, it seemed like Boston could do no wrong.

But then, in early August, the tide began to turn.  Alex Rodriguez stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the 15th with two outs and proceeded to smash a majestic bomb to left center to secure the Yanks first victory over Boston of the season.  C.C. Sabathia followed that up with a 9 strikeout gem over 7 1/3 innings to rack up another win for the Yankees.

Later in the month, a two home run game for Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui put the stamp on the series for New York , in what turned out to be a 20-11 blowout.  Just a few days later, the Yanks not only handed the Sox the loss, but they made Josh Beckett look like a bona fide bum with 5 home runs.

The season series turn around came to a close when Mo Rivera (who had blown a save in the first game of the year at Fenway) was on the mound on September 27th.  Jacoby Ellsbury hit a slow dribbler back to the mound, Mariano to Teixeira for the final out to clinch the American League East.

Ultimately, the Yankees had the last laugh in 2009 as they captured their 27th world title.

With that said, 2010 is a new year and the Red Sox have added to some new faces including John Lackey, Mike Cameron, Marco Scutaro, and Adrian Beltre.  As for the Yankees, they added some new players as well.  They brought in elite out fielder Curtis Granderson for his defense, speed, and pop at the plate (but he can’t hit lefties to save his life).  They also brought back familiar faces Nick Johnson and Javier Vazquez.

As always, all eyes will be focused on the Yankees and Red Sox when the 2010 season kicks off on April 4th.



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