The New York Dodgers?

April 2, 2010

...not anymore

As fans ventured to Citi Field in 2009, they were met with plenty of photo’s, memorabilia, banners, and statues of…. the Brooklyn Dodgers?  Yes, in case you missed it, the Dodgers had relocated to Queens and the New York Mets were exported to Guam.  Fans were disappointed, some were angry, and complaints rolled in as a beautiful new ball park wasn’t what most expected. 

The Jackie Robinson Rotunda greeted ticket-holders as they entered the $800 million stadium.  While Jackie Robinson never played for the Metropolitans, his impact on baseball and culture in general is something that should always be remembered and praised.  The architects did a great job shaping the outside to mimic the old Ebbets field with cathedral-like windows and beautiful brick layers, and the inside is a sight to see as well.  Out of the 14 ballparks I have been to over my 25 years, Citi Field has the nicest facade of them all.  Nevertheless, as fans roamed deeper into the stadium, there was nothing that really made you feel like you were in the home of the New York Mets. 

For all the criticism the Mets receive, it is only fair to note when they finally get something right.   2010 not only marks a new year for the players and team, it also brings a new life to Citi Field.  In addition to the infamous home run apple now greeting fans as they walk towards the stadium, banners of Mets players from all eras have been added to the  plaza in the parking lot, Some include Ed Kranepool, Edgardo Alfonso, Mike Piazza and Tom Seaver.  Likewise, on each side of the Field Level, vintage baseball cards of Cleon Jones, Dave Kingman, and Robin Ventura will be on display.

The Bridge in Center Field has also be renamed “Shea Bridge” and the bullpens have been remodelled.  Banners will hang from the ceilings in the concession areas and an old-time Shea Stadium favorite has been brought back- the Topps Starting Lineup will be displayed in the Rotunda. 

The VIP entrances also have been renamed – the first base entrance will be called “Hodges VIP”, the third base entrance will be called “Seaver VIP”, the left field VIP entrance will be called “Stengel VIP”.   Each entrance will feature images of each celebrating their Mets careers.

The Mets may not have as much success and history as the Yankees, but their accomplishments and memories still should be acknowledged.  The 1969 and 1986 World Championship teams will now be “celebrated” in the Champions Club (formerly the Ebbets Club),  with the first base side honoring the 1986 season and the third base side honoring the 1969 season.   Furthermore, a Mets Hall of Fame and Museum has been added, containing all sorts of images, artifacts,  and memorabilia from teams of the past.  There will even be interactive exhibits and videos which will all “recognize the unforgettable plays and players that have defined the Mets’ 48-year history.”

Examples of memorabilia that can be found are Tommy Agee’s glove from the 1969 World Series, the 1969 and 1986 World Series Championship trophies, the ball Mookie Wilson hit in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, and Tom Seaver’s 1969 Cy Young Award.  The museum will also contain exhibits dedicated to the birth of the franchise, the broadcasters over the years, as well as a game used ball from the first Mets game ever at the Polo Grounds. 

And for you alcoholics and degenerates, a McFaddens bar has been added behind Center Field complete with busty waitresses and great steak nacho’s. 

It’s always nice to know that the fans really do have a voice, so I would like to praise the Wilpons, Dave Howard, Seth Cohen, and all that were a part of the terrific renovations in Citi Field.  You listened to the grievances from your customers, and did the right thing to ensure the Mets truly had a home of their own. 

If only the on-field product could match the beauty off the field. 


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