T.O.N.Y Sports helps kick off NY Auto Week

April 1, 2010

Danny Ware of the NY Giants, reppin' TONY Sports

The New York Auto Show kicks off tomorrow at the Jacob Javitz Center, however last night TONY Sports caught an early preview at Automotive Rhythms Annual New York Auto Show Kick-Off.  The event held at Jay-Z’s 40/40 club was co-hosted by Jaguar and the New York Giants’ Osi Umenyiora and Danny Ware.

Right outside of the red carpet, patrons got up close and personal with the all new Jaguar XJ luxury sedan. Any hip-hop aficionados would have recognized this whip had they seen the Jay-z “On to the next one” video.

Jaguar XJ from the back

Jaguar XJ from the back

Inside?…….a zoo!  A mixed crowd of auto and entertainment industry execs, common folk and a bevy of beautiful women got it in while the DJ played the usual 40/40 hits (those that have been more than once know exactly what I mean)

Big Blue was well represented.  Alongside Osi was Danny Ware, Bruce Johnson, and Andre Brown (hopefully he bounces back from a torn achilles).  Comedian Kevin Hart also made a cameo.

Andre Brown putting TONY Sports on the map. Ask about us!

After few Ketel One’s on the rocks (was a grown and sexy look, had to keep it neat) ,  a few Stella’s, and great conversation (there were so many stallions in there, how could you not!?), we called it a night.  All in all a good night and a great way to kick-off Auto-Week in the capital of the world!

100 stacks and the digital dashboard is yours

Young Jedi and the XJ

Shoutz to Automotive Rhythms and Jaguar for making it happen!


  1. good shit case…Tonysports is going to sponser the 2010 Source Awards as well.

  2. man we everywhere this was a good feature.. photographer was off the hook

  3. yea the HTC was sick

  4. Damn, Kimbo’s lookin pretty pimp in those pics with Danny Ware and Andre Brown…
    Good shit Case, wish I could’ve been there.
    As for the photographer…
    “You’re Not Workin Tomorrow!”

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