Everyone’s seen a “Switch-Hitter”, but have you ever seen a “Switch-Pitcher?”

March 30, 2010

Can he make an impact on the Major League level?

Pat Venditte is a pitcher who can deal with both his left and right arms.  Although his talent has only gotten him a job pitching for the Advanced Class-A Tampa Yankees, his technique has given him the opportunity to pitch for a very curious Joe Girardi and the Bomber’s tonight versus the Atlanta Braves in Lake Buena Vista, Fl. It should be very interesting to watch an ambidextrous pitcher face off against a switch-hitter like Chipper Jones.

“I’ve wanted to see it all spring.” Girardi said. “I thinks it’s very interesting”

In case you were wondering, Venditte doesn’t use two different gloves depending on which arm he’s pitching with.  He actually wears a custom-made six finger glove, so he can easily switch hands while on the mound.

If this kid has any talent what so ever, this can be a very unique aspect to add to any roster.  All line-up strategies are out the window with Pat Venditte on the mound, although I have a feeling his uniqueness, not his talent, plus Girardi’s curiosity are the only reasons he has this opportunity.

Either way, Pat Venditte is living history.

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