Pullen..Drives..to the bucket…GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 26, 2010

Intensity, passion and a love for the game of basketball. No, I’m not talking about Xavier or Kansas Sate, I’m talking Gus Johnson babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Whenever he is commentating for the lowly Knicks on the radio or TV, Gus makes every game exciting. I hope NBC is watching because if they let Gus announce curling in the Olympics, it may turn into the most exciting sport ever.

Don’t get me wrong Terrel Holloway, Denis Clemente, Jacob Pullen and Jordan Crawford performed a game for the ages, but if it wasn’t for Gus it may have been just another game.

“Holloway, turns flys..ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He buries it again!!”

“Crawford, eight..Crawford’s got to hurry…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, he tied it!!!!”

“Pullen..straight away BANG!! He’s in shape!!!

Thank you Gus, for making the NCAA tournament the most exciting playoff in all of sports.


  1. I’m gettin Jedi a Fathead of Gus Johnson in a Speedo… Buuuudddaaaaaay!

  2. i will hang that up proudly in the living room..you dont even know!

  3. Gus Johnson looks like Steve Urkel with those glasses but other than that he is the best.

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