It’s time for Mark Jackson

March 26, 2010

The best candidate remaining

St. John’s is crossing names off like a grocery list, and in my opinion there should be only one item remaining for their head coach.  Mark Jackson has zero college coaching experience but for 18 years was a coach on the court in the NBA and the floor leader of the 1985 St. John’s final four team.  Mark Jackson is a legend in the Redmen community and would bring instant credibility to the locker room.

I will admit that at first I was against the thought of bringing in an inexperienced coach for the job.  St. John’s is one of the toughest places to coach in the country and requires many qualities that only a few men possess.  But after Paul Hewitt passed on the job, after Seth Greenberg signed an extension at Virginia Tech, and after both Billy Donovan and Rick Pitino said they would not leave their respective schools, Mark Jackson is the only logical choice remaining.

I don’t want to hear about Steve Donahue who has never had to recruit in his life, nor do I want Al Skinner roaming the sidelines who is pushing 60 and whose mild-mannered demeanor would get eaten alive in New York.  Tom Pecora would have been a nice fit, but he shockingly chose the Fordham job before St. John’s could even place a phone call. 

I want to hear about Mark Jackson.

In order for Jackson to work at St. John’s, however, he would have to hire at least one experienced former head coach as an assistant.  It could be Tim Cluess who is a god amongst the high school coaches, it could be Bob Hill, or even Bobby Bozo Gonzalez for that matter. 

An experienced staff would be key. 

There is no doubt that Mark Jackson knows the game of basketball, but could he translate that knowledge onto the players?  Who knows…but with a veteran coaching staff Jackson will be better suited to implement his ideas and game plan and at this point its time to take a risk.

Mark Jackson is one of St. John’s favorite sons and would have the support of the entire city.   It’s time to bring St. John’s back to respectability. 

Get it done Monasch.


  1. …Or maybe the Johnnies can hire Chris Mullen as their new head coach.
    That’d be awesome. The entire team would be all hopped up on Quaaludes, shotgunnin Budweisers before and during games.

    But in all seriousness, I would love to see M-Jax callin the shots for the Red Men.

  2. This whole SJU coaching situation is a mess. They fire Norm, who has connections here, good recruiter, team was slightly improving, players liked him….and now they have no good candidate to replace him. Any more will be sideways and not up.

    Mark Jackson, won’t be the answer either. They need someone with experience, that has won, that can TEACH. He’d prob be a better NBA coach than college.

  3. if they hired me or you, it would be an upgrade over norm. guy couldnt recruit for shit as a head coach.

  4. i have to respectfully disagree. this is the same guy that brought Deron Williams to Illinois, as well as some other pieces of that ’03 ‘chip team. Not saying he is the answer, but the problem is more so that SJU is not SJU anymore.

    The appeal is gone. The only way to get it back to where it was, is to get a big name coach, like Billy D, or Patino. Kids will come b/c they want to play for THEM, not necessarily b/c they want to play for SJU. Any other choice prob won’t make much of a difference

    • Agreed that SJU isn’t what it once was but if they bring in the right coach that will change in a second.

      Again, Norm was able to recruit well at Illinois/Kansas and get Deron Williams because of Bill Self. There is a difference between recruiting as an assistant than as the head coach. Nobody is coming to play for Norm Roberts, as evidence by the ZERO Mcdonalds All-Americans that he recruited in 6 yrs. Does that say something about St. John’s? Maybe, but a better recruiter/coach would have landed Lance Stephenson.

      St. john’s is interviewing Steve Lavin today. If they get him, thats a slam dunk homerun hire on the level of a Billy Donovan, Rick Pitinio, etc.

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