What happened to bro’s before ho’s?

March 25, 2010

Paul Hewitt is staying at Georgia Tech

Paul Hewitt was all set to accept the St. John’s coaching job.  Even to the point where Georgia Tech had begun their coaching search to replace him.  Hewitt met with St. John’s officials, agreed to a price, and both parties were set to move forward. 

Then, the women got in the way. 

Hewitt turned down the Johnnies’ offer Thursday afternoon after his wife and three daughters did not want to relocate to New York and switch schools.  According to Andy Katz at ESPN, St. John’s is expected to now turn its attention to Virginia Tech’s Seth Greenberg and Steve Donahue of Cornell, whose Big Red meet top-seeded Kentucky in the Sweet 16 tonight in Syracuse, N.Y.

St. John’s officials also spoke briefly to Billy Donovan of Florida, but the Long Island native made it clear he also did not want to move his family.  It’s also been reported that if Rick Pitino leaves Louisville, it would be for the NBA. 

Hewitt is a great recruiter, but lousy in-game coach.  The fans at Georgia Tech for the most part dislike him, and this could be a blessing in disguise for the Red Storm.  Nonetheless, Greenberg and Donahue don’t excite me either. 

What else is out there?  Is Lou Carnesecca and the sweater ready to make a comeback?



  1. When elite players like Lance Stephenson choose half assed schools like Cincinnati over St. Johns, you know the Johnnies have a ways to go when it comes to recruiting.
    Wheres Felipe Lopez and Zendon Hamilton when ya need ’em?
    No…but seriously, St. Johns, like most other teams, had all their success behind guys who could shoot the lights out, alla Chris Mullen. That kind of player is something the team has lacked for the last decade, at least.

  2. i think that the program has just completely gone to shit after Erick Barkely and Omar Cook.. SJU used to get the best talent in NYC.. look at Cincy, WVU and Lousiville..90% of their teams consist of NY talent..I think they need to start recruiting in LI and upstate to grab those shooters and players who are in small markets.. theres no use attracting big name city players anymore cause the all bolt to other schools.. Lance prolly would have went to SJU but I believe it would have been detrimental to him living so close to his hometown of BK.. I think if he stays at Cincy for 3 more years he can develop into a talent that hasnt been seen in a while from NY

  3. excellent points by both but the main problem is/was Norm Roberts had poor relationships with the AAU coaches and the AAU coaches tell these kids where to go. Lance Stephenson even said that Norm was a bad coach thats why he didnt go to st. johns.

    If St. John’s brings in a guy who has positive relationships with the high school circuit then they will get the players.

    St. John’s was getting the mcDonalds all-americans with fran fraschilla and jarvis as coach but then they made the wrong hire with Roberts and the school is feeling the effects

  4. they had no choice with norm will. Jarvis sank the whole program with the scandal, and they needed a “clean-cut” image guy to clean it up. I don’t blame Norm. You can’t build a team in 6 yrs when half the guys on the roster were guys he didn’t recruit. He deserved to coach next year. Norm coached under Bill Self, and actually built that Illinois team, personally recruited deron williams there, and that team made a sick run in the tourney. Can’t expect norm to chef a five course meal without the right ingredients, which he didnt have at st. johns,
    to jedi: St. Johns made the tourney in 01 and won the NIT in 03…I know that doesnt mean shit, but it is success on some level.
    you’re right though, we need to recruit NY kids, who are choosing Uconn, WV, Louisville and cuse. we need rick pitino. send him a 5year 20 million contract and lets get this poppin again.

    • c’mon sense i dont know how closely you’ve been watching this team but how can you say norm deserved to stay? the guy has shown he cant coach for shit. i watched every single game this year and they run no offensive plays and the entire roster continues to regress. Ive poined out plenty of examples for weeks now

      norm did deserve a shot- like you said he was a great recruiter at illinois, kansas, etc and deserved a shot. But there is a difference in recruiting for ANOTHER head coach in bill self than recruiting as the head coach. Players didnt come to kansas, illinois to play for norm roberts…they came to play for bill self. Its much easier to recruit as an assistant than it is as a head coach.

      Norm did have a chance to cook with his own ingrediants…the ENTIRE CURRENT ROSTER is norm roberts recruits and for three years the most big east wins that class had was 6. Thats pitiful. Especially since this year they started 4 juniors and 1 senior. to say norm deserved to coach next year is insane. I think in your 6th year if the best you can do is 6 big east wins and a meaningless NIT berth (which they lost in the 1st round) you need to go. You all want D’Antoni gone when he has no players and no “ingredients” to cook with. How does norm now get a pass?

      ““I felt Cincinnati was more of a family and I felt Mick could help me be a better player and I felt he was a better coach than Norm Roberts,”
      – Lance Stephenson

      that says it all about Norm Roberts.

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