It’s a Hard Knock Life

March 24, 2010

Get ready to see plenty of Rex and the Jets this summer

According to Bob Glauber of Newsday, the New York Jets have accepted HBO’s offer to be featured on the 6th season of the Hard Knock’s series.  Woody Johnson is set to make the official announcement tomorrow. 

Previous teams to be featured on the popular show have been the Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, and Cincinnati Bengals.  It is believed HBO chose the Jets over the Texans, although again no “official” statement has been released. 

 Texans owner Bob McNair was the one to spill the beans, as he told the Houston Chronicle that  the Jets will be on the HBO summer documentary this season.

The show will follow Rex Ryan and the Jets throughout training camp and pre-season

It is also been rumored that newly acquired Antonio Cromartie will attempt to impregnate a chick in all 50 states on camera…with play-by-play from Mike Tannenbaum. 

Although it will be entertaining, and who wouldn’t want to watch the intricacies of camp for their favorite team, I think it’s a bad move for the Jets.  

Why the extra distractions?


  1. thats wassup..shows dope

  2. Kerry Rhodes is going to be pissed

  3. Great show, but although I dont really care either way, I agree with Batman, no need for the distraction.
    Not to mention, all 3 teams previously on Hard Knocks went on to “shit the bed” that season.

    • ehh, not really true. Bengals went from 4 wins to 10 wins, Cowboys weren’t any good to begin with and the Ravens still won 10 games after their appearance. Not sure how the two other teams did cause I dont remember which other teams were on the show. Maybe the Chiefs? They have sucked for years anyways…

      I just don’t like the forced environment especially on a team with so many young players. if cameras were following us around during our everyday routine, we’d be distracted and act differently. Its human nature. athletes are no different.

      The Jets moved their camp to Cortland because they wanted to get away from all the media and distractions…now they sign up for this show?

  4. I disagree. If cameras distract them, they don’t deserve shit. baseball players hit 95mph fastballs with 50,000 fans screaming obscenities. Cameras shouldn’t take away their focus, If it does, they should all quit football.
    I can’t wait to watch though.

  5. i could care less….however the batman comment was hysterical. seee yaaaaaaaaaaaa

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