The Return of the Mack

March 17, 2010

The Master back at work

There was a sense of shookness around the professional golfing world this week when Eldridge announced that he will be returning to reclaim his thrown.   His first appearance, the Masters.

The young cub turned Tiger has dominated the golfing universe ever since he stepped onto a putting green. Your boy has 14 major tournament championships under his stripes and sports four green jackets.

I can really give one or two shits about his past infidelity, because and read closely, its none of my or your fucking business. I’m glad to see that his wife has sort of forgave him and he’s getting back on his horse. Ain’t America a wonderful place?

After he grabs his fifth green coat in Georgia, the world will return to its normal orbit and everyone will forget about Jaimie, Rachel and the porn star with the huge rack.

The Masters begin next month and Tiger is on a hunt to clear his good name and start doing what he does best, winning. Ladies and gentleman the mack is back…literally.

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