Ronny Yayo

March 17, 2010

This guy did coke? ...NO WAY!

Texas Rangers skipper Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine in an MLB- administered drug test dating back to 2009.

“I did make a mistake and I regret that I did it,” Washington told SI.com by phone from Surprise, Ariz., on Tuesday night. “I am really embarrassed and I am really sorry.”

As if steroids, HGH, and other performance enhancing drugs weren’t enough, now we have to worry about drug addict managers as well?

Whats next?

This just in…   Joe Girardi’s a meth head and Jerry Manuel’s at a rave trippin ballz ( the second one wouldn’t surprise me)?

This is getting ridiculous….


  1. wow thats hilarious bro.
    i knew this guy was a sniff head

  2. i was just with this dude this morning at like 6am

  3. Jerry Manuel is def puffin something. The dude is the G.O.A.T at memorable quotes tho.

    • i’ll shank you!!!!

  4. I like jerry…but i think he’ll be gone by memorial day.

  5. G.O.A.T. of memorable quotes?
    I hope that isn’t a serious comment.
    The guy says nothing but moronic things that people can’t help but laugh at.

    I completely agree with your second comment, Jerry will definitely be gone by Memorial Day. Not only that, but Omar will be gone by Flag Day, The Wilpons will sell the team by Thanksgiving, and the Mets will be moved to Guam by Christmas Eve.

  6. damn vanglorious…harshh!

  7. clearly my comment went over your head…you pretty much explained why his quotes are memorable… (making zero sense, hilarious, moronic, idiotic, etc.)

  8. Not over my head, and I know you weren’t being serious, but whether it’s for moronic, stupid, non-hilarious quotes or not, he’s still far from the G.O.A.T. ox memorable quotes.

    Possible candidates for that title:
    Yogi Berra, Vince Lombardi, Hank Stram, Knute Rockney, even Bill Parcells.

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