Chasing History

March 17, 2010

15 games left 'til destiny

After last night’s loss to Jedi’s Atlanta Hawks, the New Jersey/Newark/Brooklyn Nets are doing their best to break the all-time futility record set by the 1973 Philadelphia 76’ers.  They are now an impressive 7-60, and with just 15 games remaining there is a chance that the Nets match or even break the 76’ers record. 

When asked about the possibility of going down in history as the worst team ever, Center Brook Lopez offered up these thoughts:

“Auhhhhh, I guess that sucks.  Auhhhhh, we are trying every night but the other team is just making more baskets than us…auhhhh.” 

The Nets remain on pace to match those Sixers, but do have a shot to win at least three more in their last 15 games.  New Jersey faces five teams — Philadelphia, Sacramento, Detroit, Washington and Indiana — who have won less than 40 percent of the time. The Nets, though, are 0-12 against those squads.   Ouch….

The reasons for optimism are there as well, as Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov will come on as owner, and at least the team will get out of the funeral parlor known as the Izod Center.  The Nets will play home games at the beautiful Prudential Center in Newark next season, eventually taking up residence in Brooklyn. 

The number 1 or 2 pick also likely awaits, as well as over $26 million in cap space.  Will Jay-hova be able to lure Lebron to the Garden State? Probably not….but a combination of Joe Johnson, David Lee, and/or Chris Bosh is possible as well as John Wall or Evan Turner of Ohio State. 

Throw in a good core of Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, and Courtney Lee, and brighter days are ahead for the New Jersey Nets. 

But does a promising future erase a potential scar that the Nets could suffer by winning 9 games or less?   Does working your way deep under the salary cap make up for potentially being labeled the all-time biggest loser? 

Kiki offered up his thoughts-

“Part of my job when I was hired here was to get us a seat at the free-agency table. We weren’t there.”  Were an expensive team and wanted to get to that point.”

“We got to that point, didn’t expect all the injuries, but I do believe we will be judged come July 1. We’ll be judged on the cap space you have, the assets you have in place, how many first-round picks you have, what players [you have], what free agents are coming to join, and all that will sort of come together and decide how desirable you are.”

 I guess being the laughing stock of the NBA will pay off if the Nets contend in 2010-2011.

One comment

  1. if they get John Wall next season they will be automatic contenders in the east again

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