Sorry Gang-Green, this is Big Blue’s house!

March 16, 2010

Hakeem Nicks will lead Big Blue back to the promise land

Yes, we are 6 months away from football however, it is being reported that the right to host the first game at the New Meadowlands, Giants Stadium, Xanadu, whatever, belongs to…..THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS!  The Giants will host Sunday afternoon and the Jets will have Monday Night Football.  Fair enough I guess.

Witnesses of the ceremonial coin toss were The Mara’s, The Johnson’s, Gov. Patterson, Giants Girl, Fireman Ed and the Miller High Life guy. LOL

Full article can be read here courtesy of Bloomberg.


  1. John Clayton reports:
    Fireman Ed was seen giving Giants Girl some commemorative fellatio at the 35 yrd line just 10 minutes after the coin toss.
    What a fanook!

    G – I – A – N – T – S


  2. Giants will play Sunday afternoon, not on Sunday night football. It makes sense to put the better team on monday night football in front of the entire country. Good job by the NFL.

    I guess the Jets will just have to pick up the pieces from the Giants mess just like closing out the meadowlands last season.

    Oh wait, I think Carolina just scored another touchdown….

  3. Fireman Ed giving felatio?? hahahahahaha bro just spit up my entire cafe latte on my pants

  4. the jets will be in pieces for picking up a scrub like L.T and letting go Thomas Jones. Everyone knows, MNF is wizeak now, so the Jets can have those cable TV ratings. We’ll take the national.

    No need to worry about Big Blue. We’ll be ok. Worry about the ‘Fins (my B team) b/c they’ll probably take the division from you.

  5. NOTE: The Mara’s and the Johnson’s WERE NOT PRESENT for the coin toss. ONly NFL execs and Goodell were. Sounds fishy to me… Media reports indicate that since Jets closed the old stadium, it was a deal that would make the gmen open the new stadium. fair trade off. i really don’t care about opening the stadium. Jets never get on primetime — for fair reasons — so im happy to see well be the the 1st MNF game of 2010.

  6. Jets need to take over the meadowlands and let the Giants have their stadium

    • its not “their stadium.” Both teams put in equal funding.

  7. i agree will…johnson did put up 850 MILLION! I think we can share, right?

  8. Jets also got the Thanksgiving night game out of this. Woody needs to pipe down now…jets got better end of this “coin flip.”

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