It’s not over ’til it’s over

March 15, 2010

Norm Roberts should be pondering why he is still employed

St. John’s received a second chance to prove themselves last night, as they were invited to play in the NIT Tournament.  The Red Storm will travel to Memphis for a Wednesday night matchup with the Tigers in the first-round. 

The New York Post reported last week that Norm Roberts was out as coach of St. John’s, and ESPN later confirmed the report.  However, Norm still has an office and is expected to coach the Johnnies on Wednesday night. 

As Norm and the players resume practice, fans and boosters are left wondering- what are Chris Monasch and the rest of the administration waiting for!?

“Nothing’s been discussed about any of that stuff,” Roberts said . “I know everybody puts things out in the paper and on the Internet and all that stuff.”

“We haven’t evaluated our whole season until our season is over,” added Norm. “And that’s what we do every single year. We evaluate when the entire season’s over. Then we evaluate where the program is. So me and Chris Monasch and the administration we haven’t talked anything about that because we knew the season was still in play.”

The season?  Oh, you mean the season in which you went 6-12 in the conference and lost your 100th game as St. John’s coach? 

“These kids have a chance to keep playing and it also shows that we had a pretty good year,” he added. “We showed people in America that we were a pretty good team and one of the Top 100 teams in the country and now we have a chance to keep playing.”

A pretty good year!?!?  So now the NIT is some sort of accomplishment?


Here’s the problem with keeping Norm for one more season. But trust me, there isn’t just one reason.   Next year the team will have nine seniors, which means at least nine scholarships will be available for the 2011-2012 season.  If you have a lame-duck coach like Roberts would be, what big-time recruit will want to commit to St. John’s and a coach in limbo?   Furthermore, does anybody have confidence that Roberts could bring in a good recruiting class?

The move has to be made NOW.  Bring in a new coach, so he can effectively work the current roster into a winning team, and turn towards the future and bring in a big-time recruiting class in 2011. 

My fear is that if St. john’s rattles off a couple of wins in the NIT, the clueless administration will view that as progress, and will retain Norm Roberts for a 7th season. 

A 7th season of idiotic substitution patterns, senseless offensive plays, and more regression out of the players.   Oh, and a player or two is bound to transfer as well. 

Who wants to sign up for that?



  1. Norm Roberts?
    I think I’d rather have Norm from Cheers on the Johnnys bench. At least his drunk ass would crack a joke or two.

  2. Norm!

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